Have you been stressing out over obtaining a Masters scholarship? There are thousands of people in the same boat as you, going through the painful dilemma of either finding an appropriate scholarship programme or completely forgoing their dream of getting a Masters degree. However, finding a Masters scholarship should not be a grueling process, but rather an optimistic activity which should be indulged in enthusiastically. There are various opportunities to obtain a dream scholarship, but in this blog post, we decided to showcase some of the coolest Masters scholarship opportunities you can find.

Munich Business School Best Scholarship

The Munich Business School offers its very own best scholarship for outstanding and exceptional Masters students from the business school. According to the university website, In order to be eligible for the scholarship students should have a GPA of 1.6 or higher according to the German education system and must perform superbly in the personal interview. Factors such as family background, financial problems, and social and voluntary engagement may also be considered. What do you get? A Masters scholarship allowing up to 20% off the tuition fees for the 1st and 2nd semester of study. While the scholarship may sound conventional, its exceptional factor is that the tuition fee waiver is rather substantial compared to those granted by most other university scholarship programmes.

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Hackett Post Graduate Scholarships

The University of Western Australia offers exceptional scholarships for both local and international students. The Hackett Post Graduate scholarship provides a stipend of $35,000 a year and a travel allowance measuring a massive $5,000 for top-ranked applicants by the Scholarships Committee, as stated by the university's website. The scholarship is exceptionally generous in the amount granted and travel allowance is an added benefit which is usually not provided by conventional university scholarships. It can't get any better than that!

Social Impact Scholarship

Hult Business School, with campuses located in several parts of the world such as London, Dubai, Boston, etc, certainly appreciates students who have a positive social impact and have participated in charity work, worked in NGO's, or have their own multilateral organisation. According to the university's website, applicants are required to fill out a form detailing their role in the organisation and submit a 300-word essay exploring the social impact of their work or submit a 2-3 minute video. Accordingly, the most promising candidates are chosen and a $3,000 Masters scholarship awarded based on availability and need.

As most scholarships focus on academic excellence, this scholarship is one of a kind as it appreciates humanitarians too!

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Global Business Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship

Posing in the mirror in a business suit and all set to take over the world? The Sauder School of Business, part of the University of British Columbia, is looking for you! The school offers a Masters scholarship opportunity to aspiring business leaders of the future. The scholarship is granted to candidates who are poised to become organisational leaders in the future, can significantly contribute to the environment of Sauder School of Business, and finally, add value to the student population. The scholarship measures between $10,000 and 15,000 based on eligibility and offers a larger amount than other scholarships awarded to aspiring global business leaders.

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Achievement Masters Scholarship

The Kedge Business School, based in Marseille & Bordeaux, provides an excellent Masters scholarship opportunity to students with exceptional academic records. A more classic scholarship, the prize is solely merit-based and is awarded to candidates with the highest admissions ranking and the strongest academic records. Candidates must also show a commendable GRE/GMAT score in order to be eligible for this scholarship. Successful candidates receive a 15% tuition fee waiver in exchange for their academic excellence.

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While each university usually offers its own scholarships such as those mentioned above, grants are also a highly popular form of financial assistance and are usually provided by an external body or charitable organisation in order to facilitate deserving students to get the education they dream about. The good news is grants are usually larger than university-based scholarships but are also usually slightly more competitive as a large number of people are often in the race to get their hands on one. However, as there are ample opportunities, you can easily find one that suits you if you fulfill their requirements and are a deserving student.

Some of the most popular grants include the Fulbright Foreign Students Program which provides finance for the full duration of a Masters course, travelling and living expenses, health insurance, and other benefits, British Chevening Scholarships for International Students which provides tuition fee, living expenses, and traveling expenses to and from the UK for international students who have performed exceptionally well in their respective field, NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program which provides a scholarship of $7,500 to students who are active athletes and have engaged in athletic activities during their undergraduate study, and the Agha Khan Foundation Scholarship which provides students from developing countries who have no means to an education with an opportunity to pursue Masters studies.

The list of Masters scholarships and grants is endless and thus requires extensive contemplation and research. Hence, begin your search by looking for available university scholarships for your university of choice and then move onto the available grants for your field of study online and in magazines and newspapers. Apply to as many scholarship programmes as you can and that you feel you are eligible for. You are sure to land one if you excel in the required fields!

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