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The Access Masters Tour is a project of Advent Group, an independent media agency established in 2004 and specialised in Higher Education. The company is comprised of over 80 experts from 10+ nationalities that provide personalised services for international business schools and prospective students. Their unique matching expertise connects 50,000 qualified candidates with over 200 top business schools through the organization of approximately 125 international events per year.

As founder and leader of "One-to-One" education events, Advent Group's mission is to develop awareness about international business education opportunities. The Advent team provides prospective students with holistic support, from selecting the right programme to guiding them successfully through the Admissions process.

One-to-One Events

Access MBA Tour

The Access MBA Tour is a series of One-to-One events that connects qualified MBA candidates with Admission Directors during personal, face-to-face meetings in over 60 cities around the world. The innovative event concept was created by the company's founder and CEO, Christophe Coutat, in 2004 and has since set the standard for educational events in the industry.

Access Masters Tour

Created in 2009, Access Masters features tailor-made events for Specialised Masters programmes and candidates. Potential students meet representatives from leading business schools in One-to-One meetings and roundtable discussions, and receive personalised guidance in their search for the right Masters programme in Management, Marketing, Finance, International Business, and Science & Technology.

Admissions Consulting

Candidate Orientation

The Access MBA Candidate Relations Team provides a unique consulting service to over 20,000 qualified MBA and Masters applicants per year. The in-house experts invest considerable time evaluating each candidate's registration profile to better assess and advise them in their higher education project, both before and during events.


Launched in March 2014, PrepAdviser aims to be the primary source of information and advice for MBA and Masters applicants from all over the world during their preparation and application process. Applicants, Admissions Officers, Advisers, Test Preparation Instructors, current students and alumni are invited to share their experience, discuss challenges and solutions and exchange advice.

Business School Marketing

Over 150 top global business schools have chosen Advent Group as their trusted partner to introduce their programmes to targeted audiences all over the world. Advent Group's international business education experts provide consulting in international media planning, recruitment strategy, and direct marketing. They also advise and inform Admissions teams and Marketing staff on their optimal student recruitment markets and the strategies for each region, based on their extensive market knowledge and statistics.

Global Education Media Provider

The Access MBA and Masters Guide is published annually and distributed in over 60 countries around the world, providing information on the best global MBA and Specialised Masters programmes. The 220+ page glossy guide includes valuable information for candidates including business education news, trends and rankings.

The www.accessmba.com  and www.accessmasterstour.com websites are comprehensive online orientation resources for business school candidates. With a growing audience of over 3 million targeted visitors per year, the websites provide a range of services including information about business schools and their programmes, MBA orientation, rankings, scholarships and industry news.

Over 200,000 international users follow Access MBA and Access Masters on a variety of social media channels to receive regular updates, links to interesting articles, and suggested events that will help guide their school research and selection.


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