Masters Overview

Masters Overview

Masters degrees fundamentals

  • Specialized graduate programmes that focus on practical knowledge and vocational or technical expertise in a specific career field.
  • Awarded upon completion of one to two years of advanced graduate study after completing a bachelor's degree, with the length depending on the field of study and the conferring institution.
  • Recognizes heightened expertise in an academic discipline or professional field of study, gained through intensive course work and, in most cases, the preparation of a culminating project, scholarly paper, thesis, or a comprehensive examination.

Masters Degree Programme categories

There are two types of Masters programmes which are mainly different by the topics of the lessons.

Master of Arts - MA
The Master of Arts degree requires a minimum of 30 graduate hours of credit, usually in social sciences or general studies of some nature. This degree sometimes also requires the completion of both research work and a thesis. More common in the US than in Europe.

Master of Science - MS or MSc
The Master of Science degree is a post-baccalaureate degree that requires the completion of at least 30 graduate hours of credit in the sciences, or a professional focus. This degree usually requires the completion of both research work and a thesis.

Masters by continents

A Masters in the USA
To pursue a Masters programme, 12 + 4 years of basic education is required. There are two major intakes for most universities, these being in September (autumn) and in January (spring). The application deadlines for the autumn intakes start from January, and the programmes in spring start from October the year before. Most American universities require candidates to take the GMAT / GRE tests before starting the Mastersdegree.

A Masters in Europe
The Masters programme in European institutions start in September. Some, but not all, universities offer a mid-year intake in January/February. The big difference is that UK degrees do not require students to take the GMAT test for the Masters programmes. Application deadlines are more open and admissions are usually rolling.

Masters Teaching Methods

You have been officially accepted onto your dream Master’s programme and you are wondering what to expect; what it will be like; how it will differ…

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