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Most of us would agree that everyone deserves access to quality education and a wide variety of study programmes to choose from based on merit. But what happens when you realise that a postgraduate degree can cost you more than you expected or hoped for? Opting for a Masters in a foreign country can often end up being quite expensive, especially with all the additional expenses such as living costs and travel. For some people, staying in their home country for their studies is not a low-cost venture either, if tuition fees are high or if their financial situation does now allow for large expenditures.

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The good news is that you can fund your Masters degree by making use of various resources available to students. Saving up for your studies is not easy, but if you research your options it might turn out that you are eligible for a scholarship or grant to help you cope with your expenses. Academic institutions as well as external organisations try to promote such opportunities since it is in their best interest to acquire new talent and to be supportive of promising university applicants. Make sure to explore the various merit-based and need-based scholarships, grants, and other options that could reduce your tuition bill and even help cover some of your additional expenses.

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