The new Access Masters Tour is right around the corner and it has so much in store for you. Since launching in 2009, Access Masters events have been helping prospective students from all over the world find the best graduate school for them. In just one day, you get all the guidance you need to choose a programme in Management, Marketing, Finance, International Business, and more.

During the event, university representatives are available for personalised meetings with participants who are interested specifically in their programmes. When you get to the event, you can opt for an individual consulting session with an experienced education adviser who will guide you to the most suitable opportunities for you.

Need more information to convince you that joining an Access Masters event is the best decision you can make right now? Let’s take you on a quick tour through all the benefits awaiting you.

Learn from panel discussions and workshops

Have you received your invitation from Access Masters for an upcoming event? If so, you must have already seen the exciting agenda with talks, workshops, or other opportunities to explore the next steps in your graduate studies.

One of the most popular formats at the event is the panel discussion. It brings together three or four universities on the stage where Masters’ representatives answer the most important questions that might already be on your mind. What changes have these universities made to upgrade their programmes? How do they incorporate the latest technology in their teaching? What types of funding options and scholarships do they offer? Everything you need to know about the Masters journey will be revealed on stage during the event.

School presentations are another opportunity for you to learn more about a particular university. This format is less interactive than a panel discussion, but it gives the guest school more time to reveal important or little-known insights about the Masters experience. Don’t miss out on it!

For some events, Access Masters organises alumni talks. During this format, Masters’ graduates or current students may join the event to share their own university stories. With their insider perspectives, alumni can be incredibly helpful by describing their admissions experience, student life, and even their career journey.

Win discounts, giveaways, and more

When you get to the venue, you will be greeted with diverse offers to help you kick-start your graduate school journey – discounts for English-language courses, CV checks from education and career consultants, financial advice, and more. All of these perks are available thanks to our vast network of global partners – together we make sure that our events can be as useful as possible.

On top of those, you will be able to take part in two unique giveaways: a free campus visit or a scholarship of EUR/USD 1,000. The campus visit has been a beloved initiative for many years of Access Masters events. It enables prospective students to travel to a country of their choice for a tour of their dream university. Just read what Prescilla Sebaali, who won a free campus tour from the Access Masters Tour, experienced during her visit:

I wish someone was able to take a picture of me when I set foot on the campus of Trinity College (Ireland). My jaw literally dropped! I had seen the campus online but I never expected it to be like that. I really can’t put it into words.

If you want to have an opportunity like that – with costs for travel and accommodation covered – all you have to do is attend an Access Masters event in your region.

And if you have already set your sights on a specific graduate school and you don’t really need a campus visit, you can opt to receive a scholarship instead. At the end of each Access Masters Tour, one participant who joined at least one event will have the chance to win EUR/USD 1,000 to help fund their Masters studies.

Here is how Maria Nestor, the scholarship winner from 2021, described the Access Masters event she attended: “In my search for suitable programmes, I discovered this event and decided to participate, as there were several universities I was interested in. I liked the idea of one-to-one meetings with the university representatives, so I booked three of them. The meetings were very informative and the admission officers were really friendly. I honestly did not expect to feel so relaxed when talking to them. Overall, it was a great experience.

Meet like-minded peers

Part of what makes every Access Masters event unique is you – the prospective students who mingle, network, and share their stories in person or online. If you ever feel that taking on a Masters programme is difficult or lonely, you will feel differently as soon as you join one of our events. The peers you will meet are in the same shoes as you – trying to find the best study opportunity and exploring diverse career paths.

Remember that next to the presentations, workshops, and prizes, it is your fellow peers who can surprise you the most. Whether it’s someone planning to apply to the same school or even a potential new friend, you never know who you could meet at an Access Masters event. Networking is an incredibly useful skill to have as a young professional, so why not start practising now?

Are you ready to start this new chapter of your life?