Touring a university campus is a smart way to further evaluate its characteristics and determine how well it suits your needs and personality. The campus visit has become an all but obligatory step in the Masters application process.

In this interview, Prescilla Sebaali, who won a free campus visit from the Access Masters Tour, talks about the merits of touring a university campus and how it helped her make up her mind about where to pursue her Masters degree.

What are the main factors that have led you to consider getting a Masters degree?

Personally, I find education to be very valuable. Ever since I started my Bachelor’s degree, I couldn’t wait to continue with a Masters degree. My love for learning is one of the main factors that has led me to consider getting a Masters degree and later on a PhD. Moreover, I majored in Human Resources Management, and I loved the major so much that I became determined to get a Masters degree when I finish.

You attended the Access Masters Tour last season. Can you tell us about your experience at the event?

The event was much better than I expected. Everything was organised in such a way so that when I left I had no unanswered questions. The universities at the event are the best worldwide, and their representatives are very helpful. I met many representatives and had a live chat with each one of them which helped me gain a lot of information to use when I make the final decision on which university to choose. Personally, the event was very helpful because I was lost and I had many questions unanswered. When I walked out I had everything organised in my mind.

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What was your initial reaction when you first set foot on the campus?

I wish someone was able to take a picture of me when I set foot on the campus of Trinity College (Ireland). My jaw literally dropped! I had seen the campus online but I never expected it to be like that. I really can’t put it into words. Trinity’s campus is just beautiful. It’s very large, it encircles the city, it has many very old buildings and amazing architecture within them, and it was busy with people as if it is a city on its own.

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Did the campus visit exceed your expectations and, if so, how?

The visit certainly exceeded my expectations. The campus is so large that it took me many hours to cover it all. It’s full of beautiful sites and buildings, and in the library it has ‘Book of Kells’ which is a masterpiece on its own! When I set foot on the campus I felt that I was on another planet. While I was on campus, I knew that when I dreamt of a university to continue my education, my dream had a vision of Trinity College.

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What about your visit to the school campus was valuable to you in your search for the right business school?

When I won the trip, I had the chance to choose one out of many universities, and when I chose Trinity College I was sure about my choice. The university is known for its great reputation, for all of its schools, and let’s not forget the fact that many important figures in history have studied there. That’s a factor on its own. I personally like big campuses and universities rich in history and education, so I found Trinity to be the right business school for my needs.

Who did you meet during your visit and how did that help you get to know the school better?

Miss Lorraine Curham is the person I have to thank. She is a great university alumni. She told me all I need to know about the programme and the university, and she answered all my questions without hesitation.  After talking to her I knew all I needed about the university and the programme from A to Z which will make it easier for my studying decision later on. She also took me on a campus visit which certainly made me know the school better inside and out.

What did you do during your stay in the city? Did you dedicate all of your time to education?

Since the city is full of historical sites, my trip was mainly all educational. Along with the university I visited some historical places and had educational tours around them. I gained a lot of knowledge and got to see many educational sites.

What would you advise new attendees at the Access Masters Tour so that they get the most out of this opportunity?

I advise every person visiting the Access Masters tour to prepare ahead of time for their visit. Prepare questions as much as you can, ask about the schools that will be attending, and do some research about them beforehand in order to make it easier for you to select which schools to talk to. Take your CV’s and transcripts with you and don’t hesitate to give them to multiple schools.

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Will you visit other university campuses before you decide where to study?

If I had the opportunity to visit other campuses I would do so because I would never know what they really are like and how well they fit me otherwise. It’s very important to visit the campus and meet the representatives when it comes to making a final studying decision.

How did you prepare for the campus visit prior to your trip?

Before getting there, I researched about the university and gained some information virtually. I also prepared my CV and transcripts, and compiled a list of questions. I looked at the campus online and made sure I knew precisely what time and where to meet the representative since it’s a very large campus. I even had the map saved. I made a list of the things I was going to do on campus and the sites I wanted to visit.

Your top three dos and don’ts for campus visits?

Do write down your visiting plan from A to Z. Do write down all the questions that come to your mind. Do your research online before visiting, especially about the programme you are interested in. Do not hesitate to ask questions about any programme you might be interested in, and ask students if possible. Do not skip any site on the campus. Do not hesitate to ask for a guided campus visit because it will help you gain a lot of valuable information.

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