If you are looking to qualify for a start in a new career, then enrolling on a Master’s degree could possibly be the best decision you will ever make. Why? A Master’s degree indicates a strong level of commitment and expertise in a specific industry/field, and this is the level of commitment and expertise that employers desire.

As increasing numbers of people graduate with a first degree, so the numbers qualified for the best jobs (whether that means the best paid, the most interesting or the highest status jobs) has increased. As a result, many vacancies now demand applicants to demonstrate their achievements at postgraduate level, either as a requirement for starting a career or as a necessity to secure promotion to more senior levels. Having a Master’s on your CV can improve your job prospects substantially, and give you the edge in a competitive job market.

In spite of the substantial financial costs, the advantages of taking a Master’s Degree seem to outweigh any other considerations. Most graduates with a Master’s degree secure a job within three months of graduating. Furthermore, graduates either commence at a higher level than they would have, or are soon promoted. Employers recognise, and studies show, that professionals with a Master’s degree on average perform better at work than their counterparts. Not surprisingly, demand is high, so schools can be far more selective. It is important to research your chosen course and complete application forms carefully.

For those interested in applying to Master’s programmes, a good degree would be expected, but no work experience is required. However, there are some Master’s programmes which are highly specialised in a specific sector which may require some work experience alongside a good degree.

You have more opportunities than ever before to pursue a Master’s degree in the type of environment that best suits your needs. You can attend classes or choose to do your Master's degree online. The choices give you the freedom and flexibility to study where and when you want. The Master’s programmes that we are exhibiting at our events are the perfect blend of academic excellence and hands-on experience, combining theoretical coursework, case studies, group work and in-company placements.