Everyone gets excited at the prospect of getting financial help for their Masters studies. Masters scholarships and grants are plentiful indeed, but not easy to get.

In this video, Deputy Cultural Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in Kabul, Sarah Evans, gives some very useful tips for Masters candidates who want to get a Fulbright grant.

Oh, and don’t worry, you don’t have to be Afghan to make use of her advice. You’ll quickly discover that her instructions are universal, and will help anyone willing to go the extra mile in their quest for financial aid.

Here are Sarah’s tips for “Fulbright Success”:

  1. Start by looking at Fulbright’s website
  2. Identify which of the four programmes you want to apply for (there are four)
  3. Make sure to read carefully and understand well what each of these programmes require
  4. Be sure to be very clear in your application – don’t use funky titles and acronyms
  5. Submit a CV – 1, 2 pages maximum
  6. Be careful not to overdo your application in terms of documentation – the review panel doesn’t have the time to go through all of your stuff
  7. Prepare for the two standardised tests – the TOEFL and the GRE
  8. Once you’ve been accepted to an educational institution in the US, you must apply for a US visa – that is a whole other challenge, so be ready to tackle it with all of your enthusiasm
  9. Be patient – the application is long but the grant is worth the effort

Besides Fulbright, there are numerous other study grants in the US to help you get your desired degree. Here is a list of our favourite ones: Top 5 Grants for Graduate Students

See the full video below: