So you’ve decided to pursue a Masters in Marketing? Congratulations! Your choice is wise, and the career opportunities are plenty. The field of marketing provides some of the most diverse job choices out there. Work is challenging on the mind (and body) and often requires obscene amounts of coffee, but if that’s OK with you, you will soon enter a dynamic job market, which values hard skills and rewards handily the most outstanding specialists. Here are 5 of our favourite Marketing fields, and 12 of the coolest Marketing jobs awaiting you upon graduation.


The classic, tried and tested, most widespread job opportunity out there is a career in Marketing Communications. Being a delicate blend of theory and practice, strategy and tactic, business goals and consumer needs, Marketing Communications rely on understanding your customers and delivering what they want, when they want. It’s important to mention that Communications is a huge discipline with myriad other sub-disciplines and specialisations, such as Branding, Advertising and Public Relations, but in essence they all boil down to one thing – promoting your organisation to your audience. Be it products, services or simply reputation, it really is a lawyer-in-disguise’s dream. If you’re good with words (both written and spoken), and feel like you have a talent for convincing people with well-conveyed messages, Marketing Comms will bring enormous satisfaction to your professional ego.

Job titles include: Communication Specialist, Copywriter, PR Officer and more.

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Digital Marketing

There is no doubt that we are living through an age of expansive digitalisation that has touched every corner of our lives. Whereas Communications is about nourishing your audience with words, Digital Marketing is about doing it with the help of technology. The two fields are similar in its intent, but Digital Marketing relies on visual and technological tools to get the job done. You will be making extensive use of products such as Google AdWords, Remarketing and Display Banners. You will learn to use terms such as search engine optimisation (SEO), real-time bidding (RTB), cost per click (CPC) and many others. It might sound like you’re part IT, part Marketing, and in a way you will be, although you will not be expected to write software code for the products that you utilise in your everyday work. You simply have to be very (and we mean very) tech-savvy.

Phew. That’s a relief, is it not?

Job titles include: Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO & PPC Expert, Inbound Marketing Executive and more.

Market Research

Market Research is an integral part of Marketing since it provides the information upon which Business and Marketing decisions are made. Understanding the forces behind a market share drop or a corporate acquisition is crucial to any strategic decision. Looking at the classic Marketing model, the Marketing Mix, you will quickly notice that all four Ps (price, product, promotion and place) would have an impact on the business, and thus would need to be evaluated by a market researcher. Is the market ready for our new product? Is our price competitive? Do we have the right logistics to distribute the product? What are our competitors doing in terms of promoting similar products? All of these questions can be answered through the power of research!

No, that’s not a subtle hint to do your homework! It’s what cool market researchers do.

Job titles include: Market Researcher (bet you didn’t see this one coming), Media Monitoring Officer, Strategic Marketing Expert, and more.

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Product Development

Marketing or not, Product Development is one of the most exciting activities you can undertake at any job. Period. It’s creative, it’s challenging and it’s rewarding. And much like Market Research, it requires a complex view of the market in order to be successful. You will be responsible for the new product from A to Z – conceiving and developing the idea, moving forward with creation, and finally – launch. That takes a lot of Marketing skills, but crucially it takes the skills of others too. This makes Product Development one of the most collaborative jobs out there. You need to talk to the design team to get the product off the ground, the sales team to make sure it develops into a sellable product and occasionally to your boss, to make sure you won’t get underfunded. Now if that doesn’t sound like an amazing work experience, you obviously haven’t done any student work in college!

Job titles include: Product Development Manager, Creative Design Specialist, Business Developer, and more.

The world of marketing is massive. Millions of people work in marketing jobs around the world. So whatever you choose, there will always be a way out, or a way into something new.

We’re sure you’ll love the ride!

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