In this video sponsored by Chartered Accountants Ireland, we learn what it’s like to go for a career in Accounting & Finance.

Apparently – to a life of never-ending employment, whose merits, we’ll of course leave to you to ponder over.

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Even more importantly we get educated about the latest fashion trends in Accounting attire (which, shockingly, doesn’t involve any “grey old suits”)

Part-interview, part story, you will learn:

  • How much a professional in Accounting makes (apparently more than 50,000 EUR per year)
  • What kind of work you’d be doing (all kinds of it, and that’s actually a good thing)
  • What’s the difference between working in a small company and a big company (it’s more fun with the small guys)

Summing up all three, John McElhinney, Partner at… you guessed it – John McElhinney & Co., says that “the difference between working for a small firm and a large firm […] is that in a small firm you would get a wider exposure to all of the various disciplines – I could be out with a client, I could be in doing tax work – I really don’t know each day when I come in what I’m going to face wand what challenges I am going to encounter.”

As a bonus, you will also get to live out your wildest student fetish – to grill your employers at a job interview (which, by the way, students do much gentler than employers).

So for all of you current and future Masters students in Accounting & Finance, we have one important message for you: go out there and get studying – the life of riches and fun jobs awaits you!

And remember: “In the 21st century, the last thing you need is a grey old suit to be a success story”