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Masters Careers

Masters Careers

As you read this, thousands of other university graduates around the world are mapping out their desired careers. In a nutshell, graduating from a Masters programme usually means it is time to start following your own work-related path and seeing where your professional aspirations lead you.

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Embarking upon the journey of a full-time employee is different for everyone. Some may benefit from advice about where they should start with their job search. Others may have narrowed down the list of potential workplaces but may still need guidance with job applications and interviews. Still others would probably like to know what exactly employers are looking for in their chosen field and what to expect from the labour market.

In any case, being as informed as possible will not only help you in your first professional experience after graduation, but will also give you the confidence that comes from taking matters into your own hands. Our Masters Careers section is a good place to start – this is where you will find useful and informative content to aid you with career-related questions.

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