Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

A graduate degree in whichever field you pursue is likely to increase both your knowledge of the field and your earning power. It has been reported that in UK, activities within finance, law, consulting and other related sectors have the highest levels of graduate employment. UK employers look for specific skills such as management, systems support, financial analysis and strategic designing. (Source: Assoc. of Graduate Recruiters). Whether you are continuing in a field you have already studied, or entering a new sector, the more knowledge you gain, the more likely it is that your income will increase. Professional opportunities expand, and you are likely to have better job opportunities with a masters degree.

By attending graduate school, you will be exposed to new faculty, students and academic challenges. These are all opportunities to broaden your perspective and learn from new and different people. When you pursue a masters degree, you have the opportunity to join organizations that may lead to internships or other professional opportunities. These internships provide an opportunity to work with people who may offer you a permanent position or provide leads for a job in your field.

As demands from in workplace increase, especially in difficult economic times, getting a masters degree in your field will keep your skills and training up-to-date. This will also make you more marketable and is likely to advance your career. Employers will see your dedication and qualifications and may choose to hire you over an equally qualified but less-educated job seeker. According to the U.S Census Bureau, an employee with a specialized masters degree can earn approximately $400,000 more over their lifetime than person with a bachelors degree.

If you are seeking to create or enhance your own business, a masters degree in your field will give you the tools you need to be more successful in your endeavour. According to a survey conducted by Kaplan, 75% of 250 business school admissions officials surveyed believe graduate business programmes have become more competitive in the past three years. Because of the economic recession, the growing number of students entering advanced degree programmes is increasing competitiveness.

The simple truth is that an MA is only the first step to a successful career and there are numerous other things to consider before you set sail for the sea of…

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