Advice from a Masters in Marketing Student

A Masters of Marketing student shares her experiences and offers some advice to Masters candidates.

Advice from a Masters in Marketing Student

An interview with Yulia Bulimova,
MSc in Marketing, Student, MSB Montreux School of Business

Yulia is from Russia and has been living in Switzerland since high school. She holds aBachelor’s degreein Hospitality Management and decided to do a Master of Science specialising in marketing in order to broaden her horizons and start her career with different angles in mind.

Overlooking beautiful Lake Geneva, Montreux University– MSB Montreux Schoolof Business– is a perfect learning and inspiringenvironment. Located in the French-speakingresort townof Montreux-Territet (Switzerland),MSB offers internationally recognised dual degreesinBachelor’s, Master’s and MBA in partnershipwith the University of Essex (UK).

Could you give our readers some information on the Master’s programme you chose?

The MSc is a great opportunity for me to obtain the business experience which will help me in my future career. The teachers are hugely experienced and give us real-life experience examples as opposed to just book-based knowledge. They treat us as future professionals rather than just students, they listen to us and our point of view. In my Bachelor’s degree I was studying only the theoretical knowledge, at MSB there is a real exchange of ideas and concrete examples.

Who are your classmates?

I feel very lucky because there are a lot of nationalities in my MSc class (German, Columbian, Albanian, Iranian etc.) with completely different cultures, experiences and languages. This also allows us to study the same case but from different angles. There is a very friendly atmosphere in my class, we all support each other and since we all have our own specialities we help the others to fill in their gaps.

What are the key characteristics of the programme you are a part of?

MSB is quite a new school which gives us an opportunity to know everyone like a family. Everyone puts in so much of themselves, the staff members are very involved. It is very easy to communicate with everyone, which helps us to learn more and faster; we have the opportunity to discuss with the professors and express ourselves in the small-sized classrooms.

Could you describe the structure of your programme?

The programme is well-structured, the schedule and workload is well balanced so we can study and revise at home after the classes. I usually come to class in the morning and early afternoon then I go home and review my notes etc.

Are you planning to do a placement related to your Master’s studies?

I previously did three placements in hospitality management, but for my Master’s I want it to be different: my major will be in marketing, I would like to find a placement in the field of finance – possibly find a placement in banking – and then dedicate my thesis to HR in order to cover the different areas of business and make the most of my degree. I am pushing myself to cover subjects that I might not be fond of but that will be helpful for my future career.

What advice would you offer to a person who is thinking about getting a Master’s?

Beforehand, you need to clarify what you want for your future and do some research, consider both the university and its surroundings. Then don’t get stressed, just give 100% of yourself and don’t worry: you won’t be left alone at MSB!

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