Freedom, opportunity, fun, and prestige are just some of the words that may come to mind when considering whether to do your Masters in the US. Being one of the largest and most prosperous countries in the world, the US offers ample opportunities for higher education and caters to different types of students originating from countries all over the globe. Providing a comfortable environment and having students of all nationalities, US universities provide a platform for equal opportunities, excellent networking, and the experience of a lifetime. There are numerous reasons why you should complete your Masters in the US and we explore some of them below.

The largest economy in the world

The robust economy of the US gives an edge to a degree from an American university, as well as a never-ending list of opportunities for business and work. With double-digit job growth in recent times, international students opting to do a Masters in the US have a high probability of finding an appropriate part-time job during their studies and an even better one after they graduate. Additionally, a strong US economy also means that promising students are usually welcome to opt to work or begin a business in the US after graduation, provided they are able to find a job or have a robust business plan. So if you are worried about work and business opportunities during your course or after, completing a Masters in the US is likely to cater to your financial needs and wants.

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Quality of education

Completing a Masters in the US is very much about the quality of education, as well as the work and business opportunities. However, quality of education is one factor that is highly prevalent in gaining an education from the US and need not be worried about. With some of the top universities in the world, the US offers unprecedented and unrivaled educational standards which are highly innovative, and yet have strong cultural roots. Institutes such as the California Institute of Technology top the charts in Times Higher Education international university rankings for 2014-15, followed by the world renowned Harvard University. In fact, 7 of the world top 10 universities are based in the US, illustrating the country’s commitment to providing exemplary higher education.

Hands-on approach

Generally, a Masters in the US has a longer educational cycle spanning across approximately 2 years. You can make the most of this opportunity by completing internships or engrossing in a case study. It gives you a hands-on experience, enhances your understanding, and helps you use your time productively.

Education in the US is considered to be more practical and applied rather than simply theoretical. Hence, if you find yourself wondering how to use all the information you have learnt in textbooks, pursuing a Masters in the US can help you put the information to use with applied teaching methods and emphasis on discussions, presentations, and projects demonstrating your knowledge.

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One of the main things you are looking forward to when going to a foreign university are networking opportunities. Pursuing a Masters in the US will give you ample networking opportunities and will allow you to meet people from all different walks of life, different nationalities, and different religions. If you want diversity, you are likely to find it in an American university. Thus, networking opportunities will allow you to build contacts in different countries, find people belonging to different professions and industries, and will definitely enable you to make friends who may become an integral part of your life.

The “American way”

If you are up for living the “American dream”, you may also want to take full advantage of learning how to do things the American way. While it is a rather abstract notion, going to an American university may instill skills such as remaining focused, goal-oriented, individualistic, competitive, and determined. You may also learn how to become more pragmatic and profit-oriented, which may take you to big places in your career. While these qualities may not be exclusive to Americans, they are certainly embedded in American culture and once you get to experience it, they may very well become a major part of you.

So, head on over to the “land of opportunities” and see what it has in store for you! Best of luck for your Masters in the US!

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