Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Old Continent, travelling to beautiful places and experiencing different cultures? There is no time like the present. You can do all that and get your Masters degree at the same time.

A Eurostat statistic from 2018 shows that 1.3 million students from abroad were undertaking tertiary level studies in Europe. Most of them – 45% – were studying for a Masters degree. The benefits you can enjoy while doing your Masters in Europe are more than you might think. Apart from the obvious reasons like lower tuition fees than in the US, Europe offers so much more to graduate students.

Gain international work experience

In most European countries you can work part-time if you have a student visa. Take this opportunity to find a job or an internship. Not only will this help you pay rent or bills, it also means you will have the chance to work in a foreign environment.

International work experience will prove useful to you no matter which country you decide to go to after your degree. Improving your resume, even with something small like a part-time job in France or an internship in Germany, will show your future employers that you are bold and can tackle challenges on an international level.

Travel and discover

Now is your time to explore and discover. Travelling in Europe is fairly easy and affordable. With a university calendar comes vacation time and an opportunity to plan. Even with a part-time job, there are still holidays and weekends that give you plenty of time to explore your host country and the surrounding area.

Immersing yourself in a new culture can help you expand your world view, not to mention all the amazing memories you will accumulate and the beautiful pictures you will take. Hop on a train to another city or village and explore their traditions, embark on a one-day bus tour or just visit every charming nook and cranny of the city you are in.

Learn a foreign language

Another great opportunity to seize is learning a new language. Doing your Masters in any European country is a great reason not only to delve into an entirely different culture but to learn a new language.

Even if your Masters is taught entirely in English, that does not mean you should not try to learn the native tongue of your host country. Learning a new language gives you endless job opportunities and chances to travel again later in your career.

Enjoy art, history and food

The Old Continent is full of history and art to marvel at, not to mention local cuisines. Every major city in Europe has an array of museums, cathedrals, galleries, chapels, historical houses and more, that encompass the complex history and beauty of each place.

Europe is also home to some of the best chefs in the world. You would not want to miss out on some of the most exquisite dishes you will ever try. Eating pizza in Italy is just better.

Enrolling in a Masters programme in Europe is a great way to explore and experience a different part of the world while still working towards your career goals. In the end you will have expanded your world view and you will have newly found appreciation for the world we live in.