We know that Masters students love to travel abroad for their studies, but can we ever know exactly how much they enjoy it?

Apparently, we can.

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This beautifully illustrated infographic Travefy gives us rare insight into the habits of the most internationally-going, road-loving, culture-exploring American students out there.

A quarter of a million US students travel to study abroad every year and Europe is by far their most desired destination with more than half of all students going to places like The United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

China, the most exotic among the top 5 destinations is preferred by roughly 15,000 students each year – more than the entirety of Oceania combined!

The middle-of-the-road summer-term and one semester options, are the most commonly chosen durations among US students, amounting to more than 70% among other choices such as a full academic year or eight weeks.

And of course, students rate countries such as Italy and France (no surprise there) as their most cherished places for exquisite cuisine only found on the other side of the Atlantic.

For more info like the most budget-friendly places and the universities offering the best chance to study abroad, check the full infographic below: