Are you an international student wondering whether to go for an MBA or a Masters degree? This is a common dilemma for many people set on pursuing business education and the choice can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s why interactive tools designed specifically to help you in your school selection can be an invaluable resource.

The new Unimy 360° MBA Ranking was launched in December 2023 with this exact purpose. It is a fully personalised ranking which enables candidates to filter their top schools based on the criteria that matter most to them. Unlike other rankings, the Unimy 360° MBA Ranking integrates another unique perspective – cultural fit. The Cultural Fit Index describes the cultural environments at different business schools and shows candidates how their own values would fit within a particular school culture.

How does the Unimy ranking work?

Let’s look at a quick example. If being part of a diverse class with participants from as many different backgrounds as possible is important to you, you can choose “Diversity” as one of your main ranking criteria. Unimy’s tool will then give you a list of your 100 top MBA programmes ordered according to their diversity scores. The data for these scores comes from the prestigious Financial Times and US News MBA rankings along with Unimy’s in-depth research on cultural fit.

You can pick and choose between the following factors to generate your own personalised ranking:

  1. Cultural Fit
  2. Career Outcomes
  3. Diversity
  4. Faculty
  5. High/Low Acceptance Rate

Whether you’re headed for an MBA or a Masters, the Unimy 360° MBA Ranking is a great starting point to better understand your own preferences as well as how cultural fit can play a role in your student journey.

What is Cultural Fit and why does it matter?

The concept of cultural fit at school is similar to that of the corporate world – just like organisations, educational institutions have their unique values and accepted behaviours.

Using insights from organisational psychology and sociology, Unimy presents international candidates with a scientific approach to evaluate their fit with a school’s environment. Let’s say you find it quite important to be able to dress casually in class. So what happens if you suddenly find out that your chosen school has a formal dresscode and encourages business attire instead?

Another example: if you prefer to receive recognition for your individual work while your school emphasises teamwork rather than personal accomplishments, this clash could potentially create an uncomfortable study environment for you.

The Cultural Fit Index is a pivotal factor for a fulfilling and successful student journey. By incorporating a short questionnaire on cultural fit, the 360° MBA Ranking enables you to further personalise your results to find the place where you will thrive academically and personally.

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