Networking and Job Opportunities for Masters Graduates in the UK

The world is your oyster, as the proverb goes. This basically means that you are young (at heart), healthy (in mind and soul) and you have the world at your feet. You can achieve anything you wish in life or go anywhere because you have the opportunity or ability to do so.

Networking and Job Opportunities for Masters Graduates in the UK

Coming to the UK as a Masters student will help you manifest your full potential. And you might ask yourself “How?” I’ll tell you how. If you carry on reading I will explore with you the possibilities of different realities, in which you might identify your objectives in various paths and/or a combination of many others that might lead to it.

Immerse yourself in multiculturalism and diversity

The UK is one of the most multicultural and diverse countries in Europe, so bringing added value for Masters degree students.

Nowadays, we all know that diversity broadens horizons and enhances collaborative work, hence you will be challenged and discover new opportunities.

This will come from interacting with students from Canada to Brazil, from China to the US. Whether playing football or chess, or sharing your spiritual and intellectual interests, you will learn from collaborative work and acquire a vast array of skills and insights to apply at the time and subsequently.

Despite the (welcome) increasing global interconnectedness through the internet, human interaction is still priceless.  

Join a corporation

So, you want to get a corporate job after your Masters? I should reiterate that diversity and exposure to other cultures will enhance your understanding of reality and help you to think out of the box. The corporate world in the UK has also embraced the power of creativity and its benefits. Moreover, current trends in HR talent acquisition mean that diversity is especially valued as a tool to create new business opportunities through innovation, as well as to forge sustainable business models.

Create your own business venture, start-up, consulting services.

If corporate life doesn’t tempt you, if you are a free spirit who likes to set your own pace and create your own tribe rather than joining a team, the odds are also in your favour. As mentioned earlier, you’ll be interacting on different levels with individuals and businesses that resonate to you. This can lead to a range of opportunities in which you will be applying your talents to uncharted places and situations.

If you need a little encouragement, consider that the UK's unemployment rate of 3.9% is currently the lowest since the end of 1975. This means that corporations will be seeking you out! And thanks to the recent changes in the Tier 4 visa regulations, students are now allowed to stay in the UK for up to six months after graduation to look for a job.

In my own case, when I graduated in the UK, I had the advantage of having lived in three different countries; I was also trilingual. Together with my qualifications, this made me a real asset. I soon landed my first job at Hobsons, one of the biggest and most innovative educational publishing houses in the UK, which was, and still is, expanding internationally.

Return home and fly high

This is an easy one! You did your placement (a real one!), perhaps you worked part-time, you found your tribe, and people that you needed to meet to evolve. So now you can return home and apply this rich experience and use your new knowledge and understanding to empower others by sharing it at a corporation, a start-up or your own business. Overall, whichever life path you choose, I can assure you that you are embarking on a great journey with limitless opportunities.

Let me share an example from Nottingham Business School (NBS) (UK), named University of the Year 2019, as it offers the tools that you need to take the path or paths you have chosen. NBS’ careers service has in place the right conditions for you to gain professional exposure in different industries, paid and unpaid work, and academic projects with real life scenarios. It also provides social life opportunities that allow you to meet other individuals… “Sometimes we might actually push you out of your comfort zone by making you go out and socialise,” says Liza Pybus, MSc Management Course Leader.

Last but not least, one point I believe to be key today: the NBS team will assist you in developing your existing social and professional skills so that you maximise your potential through a wider range of activities which include exposure to different corporate environments where you will be dealing with real life projects. Take the next step and discover for yourself what the UK has to offer.

Applications for September 2019 for all Masters in Business (Innovation, Management, etc.) are still running until the end of July. So now that you know what your life could be like post-graduation you only have to make the first step to turn it into reality.

We can help you in the next step by answering your queries and guiding you through the application process. To learn more on how you can reach your full potential, please contact Daniela Shishkova at or visit our website Unimy and Beyond.

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