An Interview with Klara Kasperkovics,
EDHEC Business School Graduate

Klara is Hungarian and obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Bocconi in Milan where she specialised in International Economics & Management. She then joined the EDHEC Master in Management in 2009. She also completed an exchange programme at LUISS in Rome, an EDHEC partner university. She has just completed her internship at General Electric in Paris, where she was a project leader supporting the Medical Director for the EMEA region.

Why did you decide to do a Master’s?

My studies have always been a priority: I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Italy and was really motivated to continue with a Master’s degree at a business school even better ranked than the one I attended. I also wanted to discover life in France which has long been the country of my dreams. After a lot of research I ended up choosing EDHEC Business School. It struck me that the courses were exactly what I was looking for and were the best fit for my career goals. Now I know that I made the right choice.

Applying to EDHEC was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It opened several doors. I had no trouble in finding great internships, since most companies welcome students from such highly ranked schools. I also applied for an exchange programme at a partner university in Rome, at LUISS to be precise, for the second year of my Master’s where I specialised in entrepreneurship and innovation.

What is your goal and how do you expect the Master’s degree will help you achieve it?

The main goal of my life is first to find a great job in an international company and to be successful in what I do. With my diploma from EDHEC, it will be easier to attain my goals. Wherever I go I find former EDHEC students in management positions and they are always helpful. Such was the case during my internship at General Electric where I had my best professional experience. Our manager taught me how to be autonomous.

I was leading several projects and supported him in implementing global well-being programmes within the company. It was a very fascinating role as I had to communicate with highly positioned people from all over the world and give presentations. These months prepared me for success in the future. Now I am ready to start my career at a company where I will develop my skills even further.

What was the hardest part of the admissions process?

As part of all the requirements I had to take the GMAT, which was challenging. Fortunately I obtained a high enough score to get into EDHEC. I still remember how excited I was while waiting for a decision. Getting accepted by a top business school is never easy. But if you take it seriously you can do it.

How would you describe the learning environment at EDHEC Business School?

Learning at EDHEC at the Lille campus was a pleasant and comfortable experience. I met dedicated people who were always willing to help us and make our lives easier. For instance, the International Students’ Office helped me in finding accommodation and preparing for my move to France. Also, the EDHEC Career Services Centre played a key role in assisting me in my internship search and training me for future interviews through the Talent Identification and Career Development programme.

Studying at EDHEC was also a lot of fun, since I had the opportunity to get to know people from different backgrounds and different countries. There were also events and initiatives to help us meet new people and make friends. On the whole, the environment at EDHEC prepared me for my professional life. When I started my internship at General Electric, I was ready to go into the trenches, so to speak.