Great Student Jobs for Masters in Marketing

How to find great student jobs and gain practical experience relevant to Masters degree programmes in Marketing.

Great Student Jobs for Masters in Marketing

Part-time student jobs build time management skills, motivation and maturity. They can be a solid bridge to full-time positions after graduation if you gain practical experience relevant to your field of study. Earnings from part-time positions can also cover some of the expenses related to Masters degree studies.

Here is a list of great student jobs if you are enrolled on a Marketing master degree programme. We also show you how they can be a terrific boost to your CV and we advise you on how to find your perfect job.

Community management

Community managers need to have a broad knowledge of the goods or services of their company in order to provide the most appropriate and consistent image for social media. Community management requires an extended knowledge of the different possibilities of each social media, and proficiency with creation software such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Moreover, it demands great communication skills, and in the case of paid advertisement - budgeting skills as well.

Design/Content writing

Many companies are looking for students to help them with their image. This could be a great opportunity to highlight your creative skills. If you are skilled at using creative software you could offer your services to create logos or social media visuals. You could also offer to write articles for the blogs of companies or local newspapers. Web content creation is a skill sought by many companies.

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Hostess or events-related jobs

If you are interested in event marketing this type of job can help you get some insights about event preparation and everything that goes towards making such occasions successful. Furthermore, it exhibits great customer management experience which is always appreciated during interviews.

Mystery shopper

The mystery shopper must perform qualitative and quantitative checks in stores, in line with specific criteria outlined by the company. Being a mystery shopper demands rigorous reporting and an eye for detail. If you are interested in consumer behaviour and marketing research this job will give you a flavour of stipulations set by companies in their quest for customer profiles.

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Telemarketing, salesperson

Telemarketing and sales positions require you to be able to deliver good sales pitches. This is always advantageous in the marketing world, whether you are working for a B2B or B2C company. Skills forged by this type of experience are negotiation, persuasion and, most importantly, good communication. Sales positions depend strongly on your product sensitivity which is also found in many marketing positions.

Student ambassadors

Student ambassadors usually work part-time for the universities admissions, marketing and communications offices or academic departments. Ambassadors are involved in welcoming prospective students or other guests and presenting different aspects of the university campus, academics and services in an attractive and engaging way. The University of Kent describes the benefits of being a postgraduate student ambassador: “You can develop your skills in teaching, public speaking, project development and delivery. You will also work with different organisations and individuals (from primary school children through to colleagues across the University).”

Tutors and academic assistants

While at university you could also consider becoming an academic tutor for Bachelor’s degree students in your field. This would showcase great pedagogical skills. Tutoring can take place on a one-to one basis or in groups if you are comfortable teaching several students at the same time.

Your university might offer more menial jobs at the cafeteria, front desk and so on. This will demonstrate a commitment to your employer and, depending on the position, showcase other soft skills.

Tips on finding your perfect job

Experts from StudentJob recommend that before looking for a student job, you should review your planning: would it be better for you to look for a weekend job or one that will require a few hours of your time every day? If your Masters classes do not allow you to have a student job you could look for a summer job. You should start looking for this kind of job around April-May. For any other type of job you could start looking as early as January because companies might need additional outside help at the beginning of the year. “What is important to get a job is to show motivation and availability. Factors that might help you get a job are: having a driving license, speaking multiple languages, being flexible in your working hours, and any previous experiences,” highlight StudentJob experts.

In general, working during your studies will always be valuable because it shows time management skills, motivation and maturity. Finding a job in a sector that interests you is a good introductory working experience in a company. If you are studying or planning to study for a Masters degree in countries such as Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, or Sweden you can start searching for great student jobs right now in your country of preference.

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