If you are here then you must be looking for a great Masters programme to take you one step closer to your professional goals. No matter what stage you have reached in your research journey, the Access Masters Tour has everything you need in one place.

Access Masters offers tailor-made events for specialised Masters programmes and prospective candidates. You can meet representatives from leading business schools from all around the world, in a variety of event formats, including one-on-one meetings, panel discussions and presentations.

But these graduate events offer more than just information. During the Access Masters 2022 Fall Tour you will have the opportunity to personally meet and talk with school representatives, alumni and other experts. You can get a first-hand impression of the universities and their culture and you will be guided to the programme that best resonates with your needs and expectations. You can’t get that from a school website.

This year the tour is visiting around 20 cities on five continents and has several online events in addition. These one-of-a-kind events can give you invaluable information, specific tips and tricks you can use during your application process and so much more. Here are some of the biggest advantages of coming to an Access Masters event.

Get answers to all your questions

Whether you are at the beginning of your research journey or well into it, you will always have questions. And while school websites might have some of the basics covered, it is far from enough to get a clear picture in your head.

Every registered event participant has the opportunity to meet the universities that best match their background and preferences and talk to them during 20-minute one-to-one meetings. Before the event your profile is assessed by consultants so they can determine which universities will be a good fit for you.

During your one-to-one meetings, small group meetings and school presentations you can ask anything that’s on your mind. This can be your chance to get the latest information on programme specifics or changes, funding options, scholarships, internships, deadlines, career opportunities and advice on your application. Do your homework on the schools and programmes before the event, as well-researched questions can leave a good impression on the university advisers.

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Work-life balance with flexible study options

Full-time programmes are a great way to fully immerse yourself in the graduate experience and get your degree in one or two years. But this type of degree is not suitable for everyone. As recent research has shown, the demand for more flexible options is growing. More and more people are choosing to work during their graduate studies and are looking for part-time programmes.

If you are currently employed or plan to work while you get your degree, a part-time programme might be the best option for you. At the Access Masters events you can explore these options and meet with top universities from Europe, the US, Asia or other, that offer part-time or online programme formats.

Meet alumni and expand your network

Talking to school representatives, admission officers or advisers is a great way to learn more about the programmes and requirements but if you want to know more about the school culture and life on campus you will have the chance to talk to alumni. Meeting with them will give you a first-hand impression of the university, and the overall graduate experience, especially if you are planning to study abroad, and they can tell you about post-graduation career opportunities and share valuable information about the journey ahead of you.

Networking opportunities are another benefit of the alumni meet-ups that Access Masters offers. Making these connections early on can really help you in the long run. Growing your network is important in graduate school as it can lead to helpful connections and lasting friendships. Those connections are important once you want to progress in your career.

Tips for a winning application

Another great opportunity is the chance to discuss your application with experts. On-site consultants and admission advisers can give you guidance on every step of your application as well as valuable information and tips on how to improve your chances of acceptance.  School representatives can also give you advice on your application and details on all the requirements.

Access Masters is a great opportunity to find out everything you want to know that school websites or brochures can’t tell you. GMAT, GRE, IELTS and TOEFL test tips, visa and funding advice, a chance to win EUR 1,000 financial aid for your Masters degree, panel discussions and so much more are waiting for you.

How to join

See all the tour dates and choose your event destination. After you register you will receive an email with more information about the event and an Access Masters orientation expert will get in touch with you for a consultation. You will then be matched with the best schools for your particular qualifications and preferences and you will be emailed a schedule before the event. We hope to see you at the event and don’t forget to bring your smile!