5 Reasons to Do an International Masters at Home

Learn how you can benefit from an international Masters at home. These five reasons can really change your perspective.

5 Reasons to Do an International Masters at Home

Some people are exceptionally attached to their home country and find the thought of living elsewhere somewhat daunting. Others lack the resources or familial support to pursue an International Masters. If you are one of these people and find yourself in a difficult position trying to explain to your friends why you are not going abroad for higher studies or you have a hard time convincing yourself that staying in your home country is a good idea, then perhaps you’ll find these 5 reasons to do your International Masters at home quite the relief.

Quality at your convenience

It is highly convenient to be able to study in English in your home country. Good universities in non-English speaking countries usually have top-notch professors with extensive knowledge in their subject matters in order to live up to the standard expected of a higher education institution that teaches to international students. Many universities employ foreign faculty and staff, which enables students to gain valuable knowledge without having to travel thousands of kilometres.

Even if you have to travel to another city to take classes, it is still a much more convenient option, as you remain in your home country. Relocating abroad is no walk in the park, while relocating to a different city will almost always be less of an ordeal. On top of that, there is a wide selection of prestigious internationally-focused schools in non-English speaking countries with HEC Paris, Bocconi and ESCP Europe just three of a hundred amazing choices.

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Easier budgeting

You may be fretting about finances now, but the pressure would only increase if you decide to relocate abroad. Paying rent, bills, transport, buying food, toiletries, clothes, and plane tickets to and from your home country can take a severe toll on your pocket and often – on your personal or your parents’ savings account. There is a reason why many expats get a so-called “relocation package” or why top international jobs are often advertised along with the tag “relocation costs covered”.

Staying closer to home is simply cheaper. You can easily transfer things from your own home to your study place, if you are in a different city or you can simply live at home if your International Masters programme takes place in your own city.

Intercultural experience

If you think that the only way to obtain cross-cultural experience is by traveling abroad, you may be wrong. Staying in your home country and pursuing an International Masters can often feel the same as going abroad in educational and language terms. The quality of education and the language medium will be the same or quite similar as if you had gone abroad.

And the foreign classmates are just the cherry on the cake. They will give your Masters experience that final, much-wanted international touch. Top ranked universities in non-English speaking countries around Europe, Asia and Africa usually attract students from all over the world providing a multi-cultural environment.

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Career boost

Oh and did we mention that being multilingual is a major employment advantage? It most certainly is, specifically in the international business context and also in the educational sector amongst other industries. Hence, pursuing an International Masters in English in your home country is definitely worth more than pursuing a Masters in your native tongue.

Employers give an edge to candidates who have obtained their education in different languages or can speak, read, and write more than one language. If your native tongue is not English and you have an International Masters in English from a home university, you have successfully added a star to your CV. This is definitely going to help you stand out and rise above your competition when you hit the labour market.

“Home is where the heart is”

There is a reason they say “home sweet home”. Many people feel very attached to their home, family, and friends. While travelling to other countries to study may be intriguing, it may take an emotional toll on those that are accustomed to spending a lot of time with their family and friends.

People who study abroad even for a year or two often get detached from their family and friends, perhaps leading to bigger consequences later on. Moreover, some people seriously believe in “old is gold” and prefer to keep their childhood friends, high school sweetheart, and live in the same neighbourhood all their lives.

If you are one of those people and your heart is at home, then keep it there and stay in your home country, but instead of cutting yourself from the many benefits of international exposure, try to make the most of your higher education with an International Masters degree.

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