Are you about to choose where to get your Masters degree? Then your best bet is to attend a university fair.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of this type of event and how to make the most of your participation.

What is a university fair?

If only you could meet several university representatives at once and ask them a few questions rather than email each one separately… This is exactly the purpose of the university fair!

The event brings together admissions advisers from different international schools. Whether there are five, or ten, or more – participating schools are usually from different countries and offer various Masters programmes. In that way, you can get to know a truly diverse range of options and then compare them.

At Access Masters, you have the additional benefit of getting to talk to Masters advisers individually or in a small group meeting. This is a much calmer and more organised way of asking your questions because the meeting slots are arranged in advance and the schools will know to expect you. You will not have to wait in line or try to find your way alone in a crowded room. The Access Masters staff will be there to guide and support you.

So how can you make the most of this event in three easy steps?

#1. Explore different universities

You check out the event schedule and see that your dream school will be attending. Great news! You sign up immediately and consider what you would like to discuss with their adviser. But then, you get an email with suggestions for several other universities that also match your preferences. What do you do?

This is a common scenario for participants in university fairs. Some prospective students are set on one particular programme from the start without knowing there could be other options they would love to learn about. What if you find another school with lower tuition fees than the one you first favoured? Or maybe you end up talking to a Masters adviser and you discover you like their Masters specialisations much more?

Going in with an open mind will be incredibly valuable so that you can be sure that you will pick the best programme out there.

#2. Get ready with questions for each school

Meeting university representatives is a great way to discover what they have to offer. But it would be a mistake to think of this opportunity as a mere school presentation. Admissions advisers attend fairs so that they can talk to engaged and motivated students, not just to present facts about the university that you can easily find online.

Before the event date, make sure to prepare so you can make a good impression on schools. Get to know at least the basic facts about the Masters programmes presented at the event. As a first step, check official websites or brochures to discover campus locations, available degrees, tuition fees and more.

Then, make a short list of questions per school. What are you most curious about? Is there something unclear or confusing that you would like to clarify? This is the perfect opportunity to get specific answers, so make the most of it.

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#3. Enjoy everything the event has to offer

If you get to meet at least three or four schools during the fair, this is already a great start for you. Did you know that most of these education events have additional perks for attendees?

Presentations and panel discussions are very useful formats for prospective students. They offer a great introduction to the participating schools so that you can get to know them better.

Not to mention how much fun CV checks, coaching sessions, and other practical workshops can be. Some events partner with test preparation providers so you can learn more about exams like GMAT or TOEFL and get the best tutoring deals. Every education event is different, so check the agenda when you sign up.

If you are still not convinced, get this: Access Masters offers prizes for participants who join an event to meet universities. Depending on the location, you could win one of two available lotteries: a scholarship of EUR/USD 1,000 or a free campus visit.

Now you should be fully equipped for a delightful experience at any university fair!