25 Great Questions to Ask University Representatives

Make the most of your meetings with B-school representatives by preparing a list of questions in advance.

25 Great Questions to Ask University Representatives

Selecting a business school for your Masters degree is considerably easier if you know what questions to ask. Some of your research can be done online, but interviewing B-school representatives about the specific programme you are considering, student life on the campus, and the types of career assistance offered can be quite illuminating.

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Most universities have personnel dedicated to assisting potential students with the decision-making process, and they make themselves accessible through a variety of ways. You can meet them at education fairs or school presentations, via webinars or live chats, or by scheduling a face-to-face appointment with them when you visit the campus.

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Be ready to make the most of your meeting by preparing a list of questions in advance. This is an excellent opportunity not only to collect as much information as possible to inform your decision, but also to make a positive first impression on someone in a position to influence your chance of admission.

Begin your research by studying the B-school’s website. Make notes of questions you have that are still unanswered, and then peruse the lists below for ideas of other information that can assist you in the selection process.

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Masters programme questions to ask

There is a lot of information to be considered. B-school representatives will be able to shine light on aspects of their campus or curriculum that are outstanding. Asking detailed questions about the programme can highlight critical differences that may influence your decision in one way or another. Additionally, demonstrating your thorough interest in the university is a great way to make you memorable, allowing your enrolment application to stand out from the rest.

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A sample of good questions to ask the representative regarding the Masters programme is below. Add your own questions to get a comprehensive evaluation tailored to your needs and expectations.

  1. How does your Masters programme compare to others?
  2. What is the focus of the curriculum?
  3. What electives are offered to Masters students?
  4. What are the qualifications and background of your faculty?
  5. How does your university score in major rankings?
  6. What aspects of the programme are you currently working to improve and how?
  7. Do you require that my Bachelor’s degree is in a related field of study?
  8. Do you require revenant work experience to be eligible for admission?
  9. What can I do to improve my chances of admission?
  10. Does your B-school offer study abroad or exchange programmes during Masters degree studies?
  11. Can I study another foreign language during my studies?

Student life

The B-school you choose for your Masters degree will be your actual or virtual home for the length of the programme, so it is important to get an idea of what life will be like for you as a student. Vast differences exist between universities in terms of campus amenities, available accommodations, student diversity, and extracurricular activities. Some of these differences will be critical to your decision-making process. Here are a few questions about student life to get your list started.

  1. What is the agenda or workload of a typical Masters student?
  2. How diverse is your student body?
  3. Will I have opportunities to connect with other students from my country?
  4. What are some typical extracurricular activities?
  5. Are there student clubs related to my field of study?
  6. Do you have residential facilities?
  7. What campus amenities (dining halls, gyms, bookstores, library) are accessible to me?

Professional opportunities

Your interaction with the professional world both during and after your Masters studies is very important to preparing you for a lifetime of work in your particular discipline. During the degree programme, it is possible to work on projects for real-world clients or to accept an internship performing duties closely related to your studies. Following the acquisition of your degree, your B-school’s assistance with business networking, preparing for interviews, and landing a satisfying job offer will be invaluable. Find out what access your university provides to the outside world.

  1. Are internships a part of this Masters programme?
  2. Do you have real-world clients for class projects?
  3. Do you work with local and/or international recruiters?
  4. Does the university provide facilities such as labs, research centres or business incubators?
  5. What networking opportunities do you offer?
  6. Describe job placement or other career services you offer.
  7. What percentage of graduating students find jobs in their career field within 3-6 months?

These questions constitute a good start for your meeting with a B-school campus representative, but you may have different topics that are of particular importance to you. Make the most of this valuable opportunity for one-on-one interaction with the schools in which you are interested by investing the time to thoroughly prepare.

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