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Bocconi University and Politecnico di Milano have each leveraged their own unique areas of expertise to design the new MSc in Transformative Sustainability, a joint degree with an integrated and innovative perspective on sustainability. Starting from September 2022, students have the possibility to benefit from the best of two worlds, spending each year one semester at Bocconi University and one semester at Politecnico.

Today, it is clear how sustainability challenges are core for any type of business and stakeholder in the market, and their relevance will increase in the next years, requiring companies to have inner competencies and highly specialised leaders.

The programme prepares students with the knowledge and tools needed to transition companies toward a sustainable business and management approach (through the innovation of products, processes, systems and business models supported by technological advancements). It also enables them to understand the influence of ESG criteria on governance, management and financial and investment decisions.

Addressing the need for transformative sustainability means promoting a profound transformation inside companies, which is based on the ability to integrate different skills and competencies, from technological ones to those related to the social sciences.

This is well shown in the structure of the programme. In fact, in the first year the main aim is to strengthen the fundamentals of sustainability management and economics as well as of the key enabling technologies for sustainability transition. Meanwhile, the second year focuses on developing the practical tools necessary to drive the sustainability change and gives students the opportunity to choose a personalised path, depending on their interests and ambitions.

And this is just the beginning: the career paths that will follow are extremely inspiring and required today. Just to mention some, graduates can decide to become Sustainability Manager Specialists, driving the transformations and supporting the sustainable growth inside companies, or they can opt for being Sustainability Analysts for consulting companies and financial institutions, contributing to projects that help clients improve their processes or practices toward sustainability. Finally, another possible route is represented by Sustainable Entrepreneurs, able to innovate the market through new business models and disruptive companies, integrating sustainability at the core of their activities and purpose.

Bocconi University is investing a lot in sustainability, and probably today this represents the major driver toward innovation for the institution. Innovation in terms of sustainability is evolving both in terms of theory and actions

From a theoretical perspective, Bocconi is making a great effort in academic research and in applied research to support companies in the sustainable transition, and to ensure that teaching best prepares students and contributes to scientific and social progress

In terms of actions, Bocconi has adopted ESG parameters in its admission and selection procedures, and trained top managers and boards of leading companies on ESG topics. 

Bocconi also undertakes direct initiatives in many areas, including energy efficiency, saving resources, reducing the use of materials such as paper and plastic, and recycling waste. The new SDA Bocconi Campus is part of a broader development that considers environmental, sustainable and energy-saving practices.