The new cohort of Master students started their orientation week activities with teambuilding with purpose projects outside of the university campus, organised by IE Business School (Spain) and Splash Projects.

Early morning on 2 September, the Master in Finance students gathered at Fundación Manantial at Residencia Hortaleza, a charity foundation that supports the recovery of people suffering from mental health issues. The main pillars of treatment in the social care centre include providing hope throughout the recovery process, participation in one’s own treatment, professional treatment based on respect for rights, promotion of activities, and the creation of meaningful connections in the community. To fulfil these values, the finance students grouped to build a new outdoor social space for residents.

Personally, I was impressed how on a rainy Saturday, they met for the first time and from the first moment they worked as a team with an amazing, good spirit. It was an extraordinary networking opportunity with a purpose!” said Adriana Paloma Suarez, Executive Director of the Master in Finance.

Master in Management students also joined Fundación Manantial during 5-14 September to continue the initiative of creating a garden walkway with an outdoor classroom, under the guidance of Splash Projects managers. Over 400 students enjoyed such a way of meeting new colleagues, getting to work together, and, most importantly, creating meaningful connections.

When it comes to International MBA students, they experienced orientation activities at IES La Serna Fuenlabrada, a school that caters for children aged 12-18 years with various challenges such as autism, physical disabilities, and mental health problems. Both IE Business School and IES La Serna Fuenlabrada place a strong emphasis on quality education and the promotion of diversity. In pursuit of these core values, MBA students undertook a collaborative effort to construct an outdoor classroom and garden area, envisioning it as a valuable resource for the development and enrichment of children.

Being so fortunate to study at IE, it was so impactful to take time so early in our programme to work together for a common goal that would benefit the youth of the school for years to come,” said Sammy Najm, International MBA, Canada.

Finally, the end of the orientation month was marked by students from the specialised Masters programmes that visited Residencia Parque de los Frailes, where elderly residents undergo personal rehabilitative, psychological, and social care. From 16 to 23 September, students were creating garden facilities for residents to spend time in the fresh air.

What kept us motivated throughout the day was seeing the residents come out and observe us building the garden for them. Their smiles showed their gratitude for our efforts which kept us fueled for the day,” shared Saman Ghajar Davalu, Master Talent Development & HR, Canada.

IE’s new Masters and MBA students kicked off their programmes in an unconventional way. They did not head straight to the classrooms. Instead, they rolled up their sleeves and wielded power tools, and dirtied their hands and clothes for their community projects. Amidst the hammering of nails and sprinkles of sawdust, they formed new relationships while leaving a lasting, positive impact on the lives of others.