Prof. Dr Anne-Sophie Courtier studied Business Law in France at Paris-Assas University and gained her PhD in 2005. She joined NEOMA Business School as professor of Law and worked on various areas of research, such as legal strategies and legal risks in companies. She has been a director of programmes, especially the Master of Science programmes, since 2017.

What is it that attracts international students to your Masters programmes?

Delivered 100% in English, our Masters programmes are taught by a highly qualified international faculty in an international environment. Our international faculty not only impart a broad vision of business education but also provide cutting-edge teaching of specialisations (in Finance, Marketing, Business and Management). The fact that our students come from diverse countries and academic backgrounds, bringing their personal experience, their specific codes, and their own expectations into the classroom, infuses our Masters programmes with an especially challenging dynamic.

What advice would you give to potential Masters degree candidates?

Potential Masters degree candidates should work thoroughly on their project before they apply. We can deliver a series of hints so that they are ready to take the interview, but it is paramount to bear in mind that sharing motivation and passion are key factors for us in the admission decision-making process.

How does your programme develop the active and lifelong learning skills that are so much in demand in the workplace?

We care about international students and we endeavour to make them feel at home in the classroom and during their learning experience. Immersion is central to this experience and our Masters programmes feature active business situations. These translate into the application of the “learning by doing” method of teaching. We promote real-life business cases, simulations and role-playing in the classroom, besides virtual challenges that develop team spirit, co-working, flexibility and empathy; skills that are much in demand in the workplace. Moreover, our Masters programmes include mandatory professional experience, be it an internship, a specific mission, or employment.

Do you plan to introduce any changes to your Masters programme to make it more appealing to applicants?

Our mission is to help future applicants find and embrace their passion, and nurture it over the long term. As of September 2020, our Master in Management programme will develop to include major new features. It will make the programme’s entire end-of-curriculum specialisations into a Masters of Science, offering the option for students to earn a NEOMA BS Master in Management/MSc double diploma with prestigious international universities. Our Master of Science programmes will be enriched in particular specialisations that meet companies’ needs on the labour market.

How does your programme prepare students for successful careers in a constantly changing world?

Our Masters programmes hallmark specialisations that meet the needs of companies. We work closely with businesses of all sizes, and this confers genuine pre-experience of the real world. More importantly, our Masters programmes adopt a “learning by doing” approach involving immersive situations where students can get out of their comfort zone, apprehend, and adapt to different contexts.

What are the latest career development trends for Masters graduates?

Undoubtedly digital transformation, entrepreneurship and innovation. We are ahead of those development trends, particularly entrepreneurship. Our school is not only following the trend but also creating it. Our Masters programmes feature specialisations in Digital Transformation applied to particular disciplines and areas of expertise.

How do international students finance their Masters studies?

We strongly believe that no student should give up their dream to study abroad on financial grounds. Because funding education is a key concern to them, we offer scholarships to the most talented and passionate students. Every year, we are very proud to welcome bright and ambitious students who are granted the Excellence scholarship. The most determined participants manage to combine the Bourse Eiffel with the scholarship based on academic excellence. International students can also benefit from financial schemes and scholarships granted by their home country. Other students invest in their Masters studies by taking out bank loans, thanks to the support of their parents. At NEOMA Business School, we have a whole department committed to accompanying our future students in their application for funding and administrative journey.

This article is original content produced by Advent Group and included in the 2019-2020 annual Access MBA, EMBA, and Masters Guide under the title “A Challenger Mindset”. The latest online version of the Guide is available here.