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The Dipartimento di Economia e Management of the University of Pisa researches in the fields of economics, statistics, applied mathematics and management, with a staff of about 78 researchers and professors. It focuses on business, organization, accounting, economic growth and inequality, corporate social responsibility, survey statistics, econometrics, public economics. The department serves about 6000 students, both undergraduate and graduate, coming from every regions of Italy as well as other European Countries and the rest of the world. It has an International Relations Office, managing hundreds exchange students and several exchange opportunities.
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The Master in Risk Management is an international, full time, master course organized by the Dipartimento di Economia e Management in the University of Pisa, in collaboration with some prominent Italian and international financial institutions, banks and pension funds. Mission: build and train professional figures for joining international business or financial institutions, pension funds and insurance companies as risk managers.

The Master of Science in Economics is a two year master programme which provides students with an advanced training in Economics supported by the complemntary quantitative and statistical tools. It offers two curricula: General Economics and Official Statistics. Thecurriculum in Official Statistics has been recently awarded by the European Commission with the label EMOS (European Master in Official Statistics).




Programme Info

Name of the School: University of Pisa – Department of Economics and Management
Name of programme Master in Risk Management
Campus: Pisa, Italy
Starting Date: November
Length of Course: Full Time MSc: 11 months
Application Deadlines: End of September
Internships: Strongly encouraged

Student Body

Average number of nationalities per year: 4
Percentage of international students: 50%
Age Range: 23 - 35
Each enrolled student is allowed to use University of Pisa facilities


University degree: yes
Prior educational background: Bachelor degree essential
Two references
Languages proficiency: fluent English
Years of work experience: No


Application and Tuition fee: EUR 8000
No dorms available


Administrative branch

Address: via C. Ridolfi, 10 – 56124 Pisa - Italy
Telephone: Fax: +39 050 2210603

School location:



Name of a specific person whom the candidates can contact:
Alice Martini, Ph. D.

Master Programme Director: prof. Luca Spataro

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