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Technical University of Denmark
DTU is a vibrant elite technical university, recognized for its high level of international research and its sought-after graduates. Through collaboration, our staff and students reach out to the world and work across disciplines to create value, welfare, and growth by developing technologies that work in a globalized world, transcending social and cultural differences.
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Founded in 1829, DTU is one of Denmarks foremost institutions of higher learning. Through our collaboration with private and public stakeholders, DTU serves as a driving force for welfare and sustainable value creation by geneating new discoveries and inventions that benefit society, protect the environment, and improve people's lives. 

Recognized internationally as an elite technical university, we take our role as a leading force within the technical, natural, and life sciences seriously by providing education, research, innovation, scientific advice, and knowledge dissemination at the highest level. 

The university attracts leading academics and giftes students from around the wold. More than 100 nationalities are currently represented at DTU, making student life at DTU a truly international experience. 

In 2017, DTU enrolled a total of 4.673 new students: 1,231 BEng students, 1,170 BSc Eng students, 1,853 MSc Eng students, and 419 PhD fellow. 

All MSc Eng programmes at DTU have a uniquely flexible course structure, offer honours tracks and are taught exclusively in English. Choose from 32 MSc Eng programmes and a range of international joint master's programmes with partner universities. See all MSc programmes here:

All our master's degree programmes are research-based and train students in advanced research methods, teach them to adopt a constructive and critical approach to research findings, and to translate new knowledge into technical solutions. 

We encourage all students to take responsibility for planning and executing projects, and to participate actively in discussions in order to develop their critical and analytical skills. You will soon discover - and learn to appreciate - that every opinion is valued. 

To ensure that academic activites are based on the latest scientific knowledge, all teaching, supervision, and course development at DTU is carried out by professors and lecturers who are themselves active researchers. 

The relationship between professor and student is quite informal. At DTU, all professors go by their first name and are easily accessible to students.

In 2018, DTU offered:

  • 17 BEng programmes
  • 20 BSc Eng programmes
  • 31 MSc Eng programmes, the majority which have joint international study tracks
  • 19 PhD Schools

In 2018, DTU admitted 4.320 students whereof 1.752 were MSc Eng students, and 697 of them were international students.

For more facts and figures:

3 steps to applying for an MSc in Engineering at DTU

  1. Read the application guides
  2. Prepare your application
    Carefully read the admission requirements, the academic requirements for admission and refer to the below mentioned documents, which you should submit with your application. We recomment that you gather these documents before you start your application, as it will make it easier for you to succesfully complete your application in one go. 

    Admission requirements:
  3. Complete the application form and contact us if there are any problems. We are here to help and guide you all the way!

Tuition fee and scholarships

EU/EEA citizens are not required to pay tuition fees to enrol in degree programmes in Denmark as their tuition fees are covered by the Danish State. 

Most non-EU/EEA citizens are required to pay tuition fees. The tuition fee for paying students enrolled in a DTU study programme is EUR 15,000 per academic year. The tuition fee for 2 years MSc Engineering programme is EUR 30,000. 

The tuition fee covers educational expenses such as courses, adademic supervision, exams, counseling and administrative services etc.

Tuition fee waivers (MSc students only)

DTU has a very limited number of tuition fee waivers to award foreign, new non-EU/EEA MSc students. The tuition fee waiver are allocated to students with excellent academic performance. A tuition fee waiver will cover the tuition fee for two years. 

For more information about the tuition fee waivers:

More over, DTU offers the possibility to apply for external scholarships as well. Get an overview of the scholarships - both programme specific and country-specific scholarships - here:

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