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OMNES Education
A leader in private higher education, OMNES Education is the only Group offering trainings that encompass the main fields of Higher Education as well as Research: Management, Engineering, Political Science and International Relations, communication and Advertising. Each of our schools has its own speciality: INSEEC, ESCE, ECE, HEIP, IUM Monaco, EBS, Sup de Pub, … , they all have a strong identity and yet they also have points in common: a highly qualified teaching body as well as recognised professionals in the field.
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OMNES Education's student population includes students from around the world. We welcome students from over 100 countries each year. Some come as exchange students and others as regular students seeking a degree.

Each of our schools is specific:

Their ambition is to promote the student experience in the service of employability. Our schools offer our students a differentiated educational experience with a clear objective: to develop their employability. Whatever their career plans, OMNES Education Group graduates benefit from easy access to employment, not only upon graduation, but also throughout their professional career.

Campuses in the heart of cities

Our schools are ideally located in the heart of cities, in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Beaune, Chambéry and abroad, in premises equipped with the latest technology, for a pleasant and functional study environment designed for learning. Our campuses are designed to accommodate several of the group's schools, in order to encourage exchanges. Our students have the opportunity to experience other fields of knowledge than that of their school and to work together on multidisciplinary projects in contact with different profiles.

Omnes Education. provides its 32,000 students the opportunity to study from Bachelor to MSc, MBA, Master in Management or DBA programs, settling itself as an uncontested leader in the French Private Higher Education sector : 

  • 13 Schools
  • 17 Campuses in France and abroad
  • 5 areas of Expertisse
  • 180 000 Alumni
  • 35 000 Students
  • +90 Nationalities

Our education programs are organized around 4 disciplinary fields and a 5th one dedicated to several specific markets. Across these fields, Omnes Education. provides a broad range of trainings: initial and continuous, blended and eLearning, apprenticeship… from Bachelor to DBA programs.

  • Management & Business : ESCE, INSEEC, EBS, IFG, University of Monaco
  • Digital & Engineer : ECE
  • Communication & Creation : Sup de Pub, Sup de Création, CREA
  • Political Sciences : HEIP, CEDS

It is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) and of the Chapter of Management Schools which brings together the best French business schools (HEC, ESSEC, EMLYON, ESCP Europe, etc.). It brings together more than 40 permanent professors specialised in Management Sciences and nearly 300 speakers from the professional community.


Preparation for employability : 
Located in France and abroad, our Corporate Relations teams help students discover professions and companies, and search for internships. They enable our students to enhance their professional profile and access all our offers. Our advisors and experts provide students with a wide range of resources - tools, services and events - to facilitate their research and help them find a job.

Construction of a professional project : 

To offer our students an overview of the professions related to each program, in order to transform a personal interest in a subject into a real professional project

Personal Branding : 
We help our students develop their CVs and prepare them to express their motivations during interview pitches in order to acquire professional skills in different environments.

Company meetings : 
We help our partner companies recruit interns, work-study students and young graduates, and also help them make a lasting commitment to our schools. Career days, conferences, workshops, training sessions... There is no shortage of choices! We also oversee the company/student/school relationship during the school year, and build strong ties with all stakeholders to offer a unique and quality support experience to each. These events allow our students to work on their employability, to confront themselves with the professional world, and to meet French and international companies covering all sectors of activity.




  • For admission in Bachelor 1st year: HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA
  • Bachelor degree (3 or 4 university years)
  • For admission in M1: Bachelor degree (3 years) – 180 ETCS credits (or 90 US credits)
  • For admission in M2: Bachelor degree (4 years) – 240 ETCS credits (or 120 US credits) – or a 3 year Bachelor degree with 3 year professional experience in the same field.
  • Good level of English or French (depending on the language of the program)


  • Photocopy of passport or identity card
  • Up-to-date CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Last diploma obtained
  • Academic transcripts and diplomas, accompanied by a certified translation if necessary, or a certificate for the current year if you are currently enrolled in a school or university
  • A letter of recommendation from a professor and/or employer who can attest to your academic and/or professional performance (optional). Letters of recommendation written in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified translation (optional)
  • Proof of proficiency in English and/or French depending on the language of instruction of the chosen program (or interview with our admissions department) (optional)
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