La Salle-Ramon Llull University


La Salle-Ramon Llull University

Alumni Testimonials, meet Andrea from the Executive MBA

La Salle-Ramon Llull University

Alumni Testimonials, meet Jesus from the Executive MBA

La Salle-Ramon Llull University

Alumni Testimonials, meet Judit from the Executive MBA

La Salle-Ramon Llull University

Alumni Testimonials, meet Marco from the Executive MBA

La Salle-Ramon Llull University

Alumni Testimonials, meet Txema from the Executive MBA

La Salle-Ramon Llull University

Alumni Testimonials, meet Paulo from the MBA Full Time

La Salle-Ramon Llull University

Alumni Testimonials, meet Pilar from the MBA Full Time

La Salle-Ramon Llull University

Alumni Testimonials, meet Tania from the MBA Full Time

La Salle Campus Barcelona, a founding member of the Ramon Llull University, is a university center that offers undergraduate, postgraduate master's and PhD programs and specialization in the knowledge areas of Architecture, Engineering, Computer Science, Multimedia, Management and Digital Art, Animation & VFX, with technology as an essential element of its DNA. 


La Salle-URL is committed to entrepreneurship, constant interaction between student and company and applied research. Moreover, faithful to its mission of educating professionals with values capable of transforming society, it encourages the development of the social and humanistic sensitivity of the student. It has a unique space for innovation: The Internet of Things Institute of Catalonia, the first European laboratory for innovation and research on the internet of the future, which strengthens the ecosystem of innovation, transfer and research of La Salle Campus Barcelona. 


La Salle is the largest global non-profit network specifically dedicated to education. It has more than 300 years of history and is present in 80 countries. It is made up of 1,083 educational centers and 65 universities, with 1,000,000 students, 300,000 of whom are university students. 


Teaching MBA programs since 1985


At La Salle-Universidad Ramon Llull we have been teachinMaster in Business Administration (MBA) programs for more than 35 years. We prepare you to lead and direct companies with a global and humanistic vision. Both MBA formats, Full Time MBA and Executive MBA, are official university degrees that incorporate key subjects to address the real needs of the current labor market such as digital transformationinnovationinternationalization and entrepreneurship.We use the learning by challenge training methodology in real projects together with visits to recognized companies, workshops and master classes by internationally renowned experts. 


Our MBA programs include an international stage at Silicon Valley and Shanghai. Two unique and unrepeatable weeks, living with your classmates, taking master classes, cultural activities and visits to technology companies. At the Executive MBA, you will have the opportunity to know the entrepreneurial system of Silicon Valley.


Study with us and launch your career. Our MBA Programs are the commitment of La Salle Campus Barcelona that aims to develop a generation of Digital Leaders to succesfully lead organizations in the next 15 years, capturing the value that digital transformation brings to business globally.





"It is said that time changes it all, but it is oneself that has to carry out the desired change. In my case I was clear of what I needed but did not know how to do it… And the EMBA became the definitive lever. It gives you the tools to stop waiting for things to just happen and start making them happen.”

Andrea Caballero, EMBA 2019-2021 - Head of laboratory CORE-Biochemistry in Laboratorio Echevarne.


“Studying the Executive MBA changes your world entirely: you better understand the business, have a panoramic vision, interact in a different way with stakeholders and are ready to face any challenge in a global and digital environment. With no doubt, I would do this Master’s degree  again.

Txema Rubio, EMBA 2017-2019 - Commercial Director at Marina Barcelona 92 (MB92), a reparations shipyard for luxury yachts, world leader in the sector.


“Studying the Executive MBA has been without doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made, given that it has enriched in professional and personal level. As entrepreneur you must have a global vision of the company and learn to work and manage very different profiles to boost your project in all levels, and this is precisely the most outstanding learning I take with me from the MBA.

Judit Cubedo, EMBA 2017-2019 - CEO and cofounder of GlyCardial Diagnostics, S.L.


"After having completed the EMBA program at la Salle, I felt that I was in a stronger position to keep advancing in my professional career and, therefore, I chose to successfully apply to my current job right after finishing the EMBA. I have especially improved in my leadership and management skills, that help me in maintaining my current position with plenty of self-confidence. 

The required subjects provided me with a solid base of corporate management, and the outdoors activities allowed me to build solid and long-lasting friendships with my classroom colleagues and faculty alike. The knowledge and skills focused on digital leadership that you will obtain once completed the EMBA of La Salle will not only prepare you for a brilliant career but also help you to differentiate in the work sphere. I strongly recommend the program to all people eager to get ready for a successful future in the management area.  

Marco Aguayo, EMBA 2018-2020 - Head of IT at Ferrero Hazelnut Company and IT Senior VP at Ferrero International


“In my new job I am doing a good use of what I have leaned in the Executive MBA. Both finance and marketing parts, taking advantage of the knowledge obtained in eCommerce and social media. Not forgetting the leadership part, which enabled me to focus on my possibilities, manage the unknown, develop my resilience and confront a long and complicated recruitment process that turned out successfully.

JESÚS AVENTÍN, EMBA 2018-2020 - General Management Ataché at Dexter Intralogistics



“I studied the MBA with the intention of completing my previous Industrial Engineering education. From this master I highlight the global entrepreneurship and corporate vision it provides you with, as well as its academic-practical focus through business cases that allow to comprehend theoretical knowledge by seeing the way it impacts in the real world. Additionally, the Master’s degree offers a great opportunity to travel introspectively through individual and group coaching sessions.”

Pilar Gabandé, MBA Full Time 2017-2019 - Project Engineer at CYP Ingeniería


“Being able to study an MBA in Barcelona has been a spectacular experience because it is a very technologically advanced city. Also, in the Master’s degree we worked in multicultural groups in which we constantly debated in order to grow professionally and personally.

Paulo Revilla, MBA Full Time 2017-2019 - Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Manager at Endeavor Spain


“I have always wanted to do an MBA and I have had the luck to be able to do it at La Salle-URL. The Full Time MBA has overcome my expectations; apart from having a wholesome vision of the different managerial roles, extending the fundamental aspects of each department within the organization and knowing how to face the different professional challenges in a digital and changing context, I have taken with me a personal growth that has changed my way of seeing the world”

Tania Bazzano, MBA Full Time 2017-2019 - Client Sales Manager – Emburse Captio

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