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BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School

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BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School


BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School

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BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School


BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School


BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School

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BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School

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BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School


BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School


BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School

Teaching at BEBS

BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School

Teaching at BEBS

BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School
BEBS is a private educational institution founded with the objective to provide international higher education. We are an innovative business school born from entrepreneurship and the strong belief in effort, values, principles and, above all, teamwork. We work in partnership with the University of Murcia, the third oldest university in Spain, and the thirteenth in the world, to provide Masters with a double accreditation.
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· Education focused on international business and driven by innovation

· Empowerment for creating your own company

· A strategic vision of leadership that inspires innovative and sustainable business models

· A sense of social responsibility, which comes with professional competence and committed leadership

· Excellent networking opportunities through professors, study visits, and internships

· Current and up to date practical knowledge

· A study environment that is business oriented with a highly humanistic approach


BEBS counts with a team of coordinators and professors who have a great experience and occupy positions of responsibility in the business world.

These professionals have an extensive professional career in various fields of business, having positions as advisors, executives and executives of medium-sized companies and multinationals in different business sectors.


1• Online Master in International Business Innovation
The Master in International Business Innovation seeks to develop the capabilities and skills of companies’ staff from different sectors and departments to enable them to respond to the new challenges they face in the current society. An environment that has suffered a structural change needs a different, more entrepreneurial approach.

Therefore, this Master program offers the tools to build diversified and powerful business models. The students are enabled to look into the future of technological advancements and use them for positioning their businesses and bringing value to the society.

Private accreditation by BEBS

2• Online Master in International Business Management
The Master in in International Business Management has been set up to be a contribution, a set path and a turning point for all those entrepreneurs and professionals who want to implement internationalization in their own company or at the companies where they work.

This Master prepares the students to:

 • Promote company’s internationalization and foreign trade activities.

• Provide professionals and companies with practical and useful tools and guidelines, from both, strategic and operational point of view, aimed at managing the internationalization challenge in a secure and successful way.

• Serve as an engine and turning point for companies and professionals to carry out their internationalization plan, especially small and medium enterprises.

• Respond to professional and entrepreneurial concern in relation to international trade activities.

• Develop a wide perspective and comprehension framework of all the aspects integrating entrepreneurial relations at an international level.

Private accreditation by BEBS


3• Master in International e-Supply Chain Management (available both online and on campus)
The Master in e-Supply chain management is aimed to develop the necessary skills to coordinate the management of the supply chain activities by using Internet technologies.  You will acquire an excellent level of knowledge about the areas of Supply Chain Management (SCM): purchasing, production, storage, transport systems and budgetary, management and understand the fundamental role that e-Commerce play in the innovation of the supply chain and logistics development projects. Therefore, you will have a strategic and integrated vision on various areas that make up the management of the company, in order to facilitate the development of your career towards a leadership role in the field of operations and SCM.

Double accreditation with the University of Murcia


4• Master in International Tourism & Hospitality Management (available both online and on campus)
The Master in International Tourism and Hospitality Management consists of giving knowledge in current topics focused on the Tourism sector and human capital management and its influence in the tourist market, as well as encouraging innovation and evolutionary improvements in this area. This degree aims to develop students’ career as directors, area managers or entrepreneurs, enabling them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for decision-making in this sector.

Within the tourism and hospitality sector, a knowledge of tourism hotel planning and management is essential to a management career in the exciting profession of hospitality management or tourism.

Therefore, this Master encourages innovation and evolutionary improvements and train professionals specializing in the management of tourism in all its areas by developing a complete business plan related to the sector.

Double accreditation with the Catholic University of Murcia 


5• Master in International Project Management (available both online and on campus)
Between success and failure there is good project management or lack of it. Who wants to fail? The answer to this question is the reason why Project Management has become the star tool for companies in recent years. Turning objectives into reality may be easier said than done for many companies. The current business environment is hyper competitive and globalized, where change is happening every day. This means that companies have to make quick decisions while being uncertain about what may be next. One way to make growth sustainable is making sure a good plan is in place, and to take advantage of the changes, rather than see them as obstacles. Most successful companies materialize ideas through turning these changes into projects, and executing them through well planned project management. This Master Program in Project Management was designed by BEBS, to teach the students how to become effective translators of objectives for their companies. Upon graduation, the students will be able to turn ideas into tangible results.

Double accreditation with the Catholic University of Murcia 


6• Online Master in Operations Management & Logistics

The Master in Operations Management and Logistics provides practice, tools and techniques for the management of operations. You will apply the knowledge that you gain during the program in various projects and analyze the current operational performance of an organization in terms of production, distribution and International Logistics and how to improve by redesigning business processes.

Therefore, this Master is intended to develop the necessary criteria to enable all students to have a global, clear, and comprehensive overview of current operations and see how they efficiently and effectively interact in our current environment.

Private accreditation by BEBS


7• Master in Talent Management & Leadership (available both online and on campus)

The Master in Talent Management & Leadership by BEBS prepares professionals to evolve in their careers as leaders in the field of human resources (HR) and provide solutions to modern day challenges in this field.

Besides learning the principles of HR, the students have the opportunity to learn human capital management concepts, such as employee motivation, talent acquisition, and retention, change management, and organizational culture, which allows them to gain much-needed coaching skills. As HR plays a strategic role in the performance of global organizations, this program provides the students with all the hard & soft skills needed to be effective HR leaders at any kind of company.

Double accreditation with the Catholic University of Murcia 


8• Master in International Business Management & Innovation (exclusively in Barcelona)

BEBS Barcelona created this program thinking about those professionals who want to position themselves as global leaders, and those willing to gain the necessary skills and tools for innovating and create their own business.

With this Master program the students will gain a broad understanding of international business with a strong emphasis on managing innovation.

Upon graduation, the students are ready to deeply understand the processes involved in creating digital start-up businesses from inception to launch, and how both new and established organisations can respond to the opportunities and threats associated with disruptive innovation in a globalized world.

Private accreditation by BEBS


Starting Dates:

All the on-campus programs start in September

All the online programs have monthly intakes 

Length of Course:
1 Academic year (From September to July)


Application Deadlines:

International students: 15 August
European & Spanish students: 15 September




Number of nationalities: 55

Percentage of international students: 96%

• Africa 11%
• Asia 44% 
• Europe 28 % 
• America 17%

Men/Women Ratio: 54/46
Average Age: 31
Length of Work Experience:Average 2 years


Ask for information: Each applicant is advised to contact BEBS via e-mail in order to receive extra information, as well as to find out whether their profile meets the master program requirements.

How to apply: Scan and send the following documents via email to and complete the Online Application Form:

  • Resume (CV)
  • Statement of Purpose or Motivation letter
  • Passport or ID copy
  • Bachelor’s degree or 5 years of Management experience + High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Academic record (Transcript/Grades).
  • Professional experience (not less than two years).
  • IELTS 6.0 or equivalent, in case it’s not the mother tongue or he did not study at English speaking school.
  • Possible Interview: The admission department will contact the candidate if an interview is required via Skype to complete the admission process.
  • Application assessment: The academic committee may take up to a week to make a decision and communicate to the applicant, whether the decision is positive or negative.

Registration: In the case of admittance, it is required to pay €500 registration fee within a maximum of 7 days after receiving the admission. This fee is deducted from the total tuition fee, therefore it is not an extra payment, but serves as a deposit to reserve the place of the student.

After the admission: Once registered, the student will receive the original admission and registration documents by post, in order to apply for the student visa, if needed.


Application fee: FREE

1• Master in International Business Innovation
On-Campus: 6300€, Online 5300€

2• Master in Internationalization of companies & Access to New Markets
On-Campus: 6300€, Online 5300€


3• Master in International e-Supply Chain Management
On-Campus: 5300€, Online 4800€


4• Master in International Tourism & Hospitality Management
On-Campus: 4800€, Online 4300€


5• International Master in Project Management
On-Campus: 4800€, Online 4300€


Online 3900€

Estimate for accommodation/living costs, insurance:  € 10,000 per year

For most of our students, deciding to study at BEBS means finding a new place to live and adapt to a new culture. We want you to feel like home, so that you can get the maximum benefit of your stay for as long as you are in Barcelona.

Therefore, BEBS through Someday Holiday facilitates many Extra Services for its students, such as: Accommodation, Flight, Insurance and Cultural activities, with exceptional rates and different available options depending on the needs of each student.

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