One-to-One Meetings and Workshops with Leading Global Business Schools

Top international business schools are coming soon to your city to recruit local talent for their Specialised Masters programmes. The Access Masters Tour offers you the unique opportunity to find the right Masters degree in various subject areas and specialisations that will allow you to stand out in the job market.

Access Masters provides many options for candidates at different stages of their research through Thematic Workshops and One-to-One Meetings. 

Thematic workshops: Round-table meetings with Admissions Officers from international business schools that provide general information about their diverse Masters programmes. 
One-to-One meetings: Face-to-face meetings between one school representative and one or two prospective student applicants.

During the thematic workshops, three business schools present their programmes by subject area, including but not limited to: Business & StrategyManagement & OrganisationFinance & Accounting,Marketing & Communication, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

At the event, Access Masters candidates receive personalised attention from our consulting team that assists candidates in selecting the right schools and programmes for them.

Registration is mandatory to meet with business school representatives and early registration is recommended.




Saturday, January 31, 2015


Opening of the Welcome Desk

1:00pm – 4:50pm

One-to-One Meetings and Workshops

4:30pm – 4:50pm


5:00pm – 5:45pm

Open Fair Session


Le Méridien Etoile

81 Boulevard Gouvion Saint-Cyr,
Metro: Porte Maillot line1


The Access Masters Tour is open to English-speaking students and recent graduates that are interested in Specialised Masters study. Registration is free of charge, and candidates must fill out our online registration form in order to benefit from free admission and personalised consulting at the event. The registration form includes pertinent questions relating to the candidate’s educational and employment history, as well as Masters programme preferences and budget.

After registration, each candidate’s profile is given individual attention by Access Masters’ team of consultants. Our team evaluates each registrant’s information and matches them with the participating schools at the event. Candidates that are the most ready to apply are proposed Customised Meetings with select business schools. Candidates that are less advanced in their search for a Masters programme are scheduled for Thematic Workshops in a particular subject. Everyone is invited to attend the Open Session featuring all participating business schools at the end of the event.


Who other than the previous candidates can better describe the Access Masters experience? Here are some comments collected after the events:

The Access Masters consultants gave me useful advice at the event and immediately understood my expectations. Next school year I'll be doing a Masters in Marketing at IE Business School so that I'll get doubly-specialized!
Laura, University student in International Business

Following my individual meeting with an Admissions Director from EDHEC, I was accepted into a Specialized Masters programme! I'll be excited about going to a reputed school and becoming a Finance expert.
Thibault, recent Finance graduate

I'm often lost in education fairs, but the Access Masters event really provided guidance. The school workshops and the individual orientation session answered all my questions in one afternoon.
Justin, recent Engineering school graduate

I registered for the event on the internet a few weeks in advance, and provided the subjects that interested me and the countries where I wanted to study. A few days before the event, I received a meeting schedule with the schools that corresponded to my criteria. At the event all I had to do was follow my individual schedule – it was a completely personalized event!
Mihaela, Student in International Relations

I was very surprised by the availability of the Admissions Directors. The roundtable workshops gave me a quality time with the school representatives and the other participants' questions improved the group discussion.
Tino, recent Marketing graduate

I didn't really know what kind of specialization was for me. Discussing with different Masters program representatives at the event helped me form an opinion. And the orientation consultants gave me questions to ask in order to make the right choice!
Daria, last-year college student


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