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British Universities Expand Campuses due to Masters Degree Demand

Leading British universities have announced an expansion due to the growing number of people pursuing Master's degrees as they seek to gain an edge in the labour market. ...

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Best Places to Study Abroad According to Americans (INFOGRAPHIC)

We know that Masters students love to travel abroad for their studies, but can we ever know exactly how much they enjoy it? Apparently, we can. ...

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The Master's That Top the Chart

The popularity of the Master's degree is unwavering. However, some Master's concentrations turn out to be more popular than others. The educational realm, much like the business world in general, is subject to trends in the sense that there is a...

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Balancing Work and Study

Working while studying for your Master's is a good way to support yourself during this period. As the programme is quite demanding and students need to dedicate enough time and efforts, working part-time is clearly the only possible choice.

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Life after Your Master's

Specialised Master's programmes in business are experiencing robust growth, making them a wise move. According to GMAC there were 160,500 GMAT score reports sent to U.S. specialised Master's programmes in 2012, up 15% from last year and 86% from five years ago. The 2013 job market for specialised Master's degrees is showing striking strength and demand compared with 2012.

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The Future is "www"…

The new communications environment and the rise of Web 2.0 services seem to require a variety of new skills and a new way of thinking. Focus on what the online revolution has created in terms of jobs and trainings in the specific field of digital marketing.

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The Right Match

It may seem puzzling to choose a business school from among over 13,000, but it gets easier when you know what features to look at and how to make your pros and cons list to assess the quality of the different schools and find the one that fits your personal needs and goals ...

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A Master's Degree Matters

A good education can always be made better with a Master's. Recruiters nowadays demand more and higher qualifications so it will be hard to impress them with just a BA on your CV. In fact, master's is now the new bachelor's – they are the stepping ...

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Master's courses get boost from recession

Part-time postgraduate courses are seeing a huge boost in popularity as people change careers. Medical professionals are among those seeking new skills. Photograph: Sergio Azenha/Alamy ...

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Masters in management: find the right fit

According to an Financial Times' research, Masters in management continues to evolve, with a multitude of different titles and programme lengths, and often no clearly defined target audience. In spite of this, it has already become one of the fastest-growing segments of the business education degree market ...

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