Why Get a Masters Degree

Masters fundamentals

If you are starting your research into different Masters programmes, this section will introduce you to the major points you need to be aware of. The fundamentals of Masters degrees can be summarised as:

  • Specialised graduate programmes that focus on practical knowledge and vocational or technical expertise in a specific career field.
  • Awarded upon completion of one to two years of advanced graduate study after completing a Bachelor’s degree, with the length depending on the field of study and the conferring institution.
  • Recognises heightened expertise in an academic discipline or professional field of study, gained through intensive course work and, in most cases, the preparation of a culminating project, scholarly paper, thesis, or a comprehensive examination.


Types of Masters degrees

There are two common categories of Masters programmes which differ mainly on the basis of the topics and course work being studied. In both cases, students need to have earned a Bachelor’s diploma to pursue a Masters degree.

Master of Arts - MA

The Master of Arts degree requires a minimum of 30 graduate hours of credit and is usually awarded in subject areas such as Fine Arts, Social Sciences or Humanities. This degree sometimes requires the completion of both research work and a thesis and it takes two years to complete.

Master of Science - MS or MSc

The Master of Science degree is a post-baccalaureate degree that requires the completion of at least 30 graduate hours of credit and is usually awarded in subject areas with a scientific focus. This degree typically requires the completion of both research work and a thesis and it takes two years to complete.

The Masters Experience Boosts Your Confidence

A French graduate talks about the diverse benefits of the Masters experience, expressing confidence that it serves as a sound preparation for the real world. ...

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The Value of Theoretical Knowledge in Masters Programmes

The importance of theoretical knowledge in Masters education is often underestimated, but, in reality, it results in better decision-making. ...

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Moving Back Home with an International Masters Degree

An International Masters degree does not only expand the range of your professional skills and abilities but also serves as a career launch pad when you go back to your home country ...

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The Importance of Theory in Master's Education

The theoretical framework of a subject is often overlooked even at Master's level, as the locus is the subject matter and that alone in some disciplines.Other supplementary information is considered to be an extra benefit to a CV rather than a necessity ...

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To Masters or not to Masters? That is the Question!

Much like Hamlet's existential struggles, the question about a Masters degree's value in one's life is a contemplation faced by all Masters candidates.
Global news community AJ+, however, seems to have it ...

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13 Personal Reasons to do a Masters Abroad (VIDEO)

In this honest and insightful vlog, blogger and Masters student Diogo Lança lets us in on his thoughts about the benefits of studying abroad.
Diogo graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering ...

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Top 6 Tips for Living Abroad as a Masters Student

Relocating to another country can be a hassle. Be it Paris, Barcelona, London or Zurich, most of your aches will revolve around accommodation and managing your budget while still being able to have some good fun. Unsure how to make it all happen? ...

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How to make the best of your Masters degree at a job interview

Now that your Masters is completed, it is time to hit the real world and search for a job. Preparing for the first job interview after university may make you feel jittery and unsure of how to present yourself in order to stand out, but there are several ...

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5 Reasons to do an International Masters in your Home Country

Some people are exceptionally attached to their home country and find the thought of living elsewhere somewhat daunting ...

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12 amazing jobs you can get with a Masters in Marketing

So you've decided to pursue a Masters in Marketing? Congratulations! Your choice is wise, and the career opportunities are plenty. The field of marketing provides some of the most diverse job choices out there. Work is challenging on the mind ...

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What It's Like to Be an Indian Student in the UK

Watching English movies and following the latest news regarding the Royal family may be all that an Indian person experiences of British culture, until they become an Indian student in the UK. While it is a dream come true for many ...

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Why It's a Good Idea to Do Your Masters in Europe

Europe may be the epitome of your dreams when considering a vacation, but it is an equally pleasing and worthy a choice for your education, giving you all the more reason to do your Masters in Europe. ...

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How and Why to Get an Internship During Your Masters

When it is time to begin your Masters, your mind may already be exploring job opportunities and contemplating how you can land your first job or perhaps an internship. The latter is an excellent opportunity to gain job experience and try out your skills in your field of interest, while also aiming to land a permanent job with your employer ...

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6 Reasons to Do a Masters in STEM

While the contemporary business environment is increasingly becoming dependent on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, there is all the more reason to pursue a Masters in STEM. Most start-ups rely on one or more of the STEM disciplines and as the supply of highly qualified professionals is scarce, the demand is thriving ...

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Why It Is a Good Idea to Do your Masters in the US

Freedom, opportunity, fun, and prestige are just some of the words that may come to mind when considering whether to do your Masters in the US. Being one of the largest and most prosperous countries in the world, the US offers ample opportunities for higher education and caters to different types of students originating from countries all over the globe ...

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"You never hear of unemployed accountants" (VIDEO)

In this video sponsored by Chartered Accountants Ireland, we learn what it's like to go for a career in Accounting & Finance ...

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5 Reasons to Do an International Masters in Spain

Hola! Are you thinking of pursuing a Masters in Spain? Famous for its romance, beauty, rich culture, and massive opportunities, Spain is not only about what meets the eye. The country is also known for its exceptional ...

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5 Steps That Will Help You Switch from University to Work

After approximately 18 years of education, you are now ready to make the switch from university to work. Or, are you ...

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A Beginner's Guide to Postgraduate Life in London

It's the beginning of August. There's sun, sea and holiday on your mind, and there's nothing in the world that can get you out of that amazing feeling of freedom that only hot summer days bring. But you've also been admitted to your ...

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5 Reasons to do an International Masters (Video)

Many ponder this opportunity, and Access Masters has talked about the benefits of an International Masters on many occasions. ...

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The MSc That Made Me a Confident Young Professional

Sivagaminathan Sivasubramanian is a 2014 EDHEC Business School graduate. He acquired a Master of Science degree (MSc) in Financial Markets, and majored in Asset Management. Coming from India, Siva, as friends and colleagues call him ...

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5 Ways to Make the Most out of Your International Masters Class

Ah, the beauty of studying abroad! Your international classmates from across the world will become cherished friends, and possible business partners, your foreign professors will nurture your mind, and expand your horizons. ...

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A Masterful Evolution

Specialised Master's Degrees are not a new trend, but their market seems to be gaining strength year after year. Choosing to acquire a Master's degree depends on a variety of factors and can give you the competitive edge you need to advance your career. ...

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Master of your own destiny

A way to kick-start one's career, a shortcut to superb professionalism or a way to expose yourself to different mindsets and mentalities. What exactly does an international Master's degree give to its graduates? The answer is, quite frankly, all of the above ...

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From school bench to office chair in one month

Achieving career goals by landing a good job in a reputable business organisation or launching their own business venture is the ultimate target ...

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International Diploma = International Career?

A Master's obtained in English is the first step to an international career. English has arisen as the "universal interpreter". Graduates hired by ...

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The Great Postgraduate Exodus

Students are no longer home-bound: they're 'on the run' and travelling in all possible directions – West, North, South, East and yes, Far East too ...

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Who are Master's Students?

The market for specialised master's programmes in accounting, management, finance and a number of other business disciplines has never been stronger. Schools are striving to develop new programmes to meet the needs of a new generation of students ...

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Global Connections

The spectrum of opportunities Master's degree holders can benefit from upon graduation is undeniable. Ranging from gaining a competitive advantage on the job market, to obtaining specialised and more advanced knowledge in a particular field ...

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A Full Living Experience

Getting a Master's degree is no longer just about gaining in-depth knowledge in a specialised area. The overall living experience during the time spent doing Master's is just as important. Studying abroad offers the unique opportunity for academic advancement ...

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Reasons to Go for a Master's Degree

If you are looking to qualify for a start in a new career, then enrolling on a Masters degree could possibly be the best decision you will ever make. Why? A Masters degree indicates a strong level of commitment and expertise in a specific industry/field, and this is the level of commitment and expertise that employers desire.

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