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Masters Programs presented on the Access Masters Tour

Masters Programs presented on the Access Masters Tour

Access Masters offers you the opportunity to meet with admission officers of Top Business Schools and Universities from Europe, North America, Middle East and China about their different MSc, MA and Specialized Masters programs.

The main subjects of the Masters programs featured at the event:

  • Masters in Management & Organization : International Management and Business, Strategy, Organization, International Relations …

  • Masters in Finance & Accounting : Market and Corporate Finance, Accounting, Banking Operations, Risk Management …

  • Masters in Marketing & Communication : Marketing and Media Management, Digital Marketing, Corporate Communication …


Other Specialized Masters programs will be presented such as Biotechnology Management, Sports Management, Economics, Sustainable Development, LL.M, and more (depending on participating schools and universities).

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Location, location, location

Masters candidates are advised to make sure that the school of their choice is located where they might want to live and work after graduation, as Masters programmes are first and foremost embedded in the local business community.

Masters candidates should also consider learning the language within the country where their school is located. Many schools provide language instruction as part of the package. It is obviously an advantage to all participants wishing to add an extra skill to their CV.

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