Masters Events

General Presentation

The Access Masters Tour is a series of targeted events focused on high-quality services for candidates looking for a Masters degree. These events enable qualified and motivated prospective students to meet with Admissions Officers of top international and local business schools and universities. Career counselling, which is provided throughout the events, helps candidates with questions concerning Masters programmes, as well as guides them towards the right programme and school.

Why register online?

Candidates who registered online receive their personal schedule for the event in advance. After their profile is evaluated by an experienced consultant, they are pre-scheduled for either thematic workshops or One-to-One meetings. The decision is based both on the candidate’s profile and the schools’ admissions criteria. As limited spaces are available, candidates are advised to register in advance.

Can anyone attend the event?

The events are designed for recent graduates hoping to further their education. They have either a Bachelor's degree or the equivalent or are in their last year of undergraduate studies, and are fluent in English. However, some Masters programmes are available for candidates with working experience. Generally, the event is reserved for candidates who meet schools' admissions criteria.

Which schools are participating?

The Access Masters Tour represents prestigious international business schools and universities which are internationally accredited and ranked. They are mainly located in Europe, United States, Middle East and Asia. You can see a sample of our participating schools here.

Event Services

One-to-One or Duo Meetings

Candidates who are more advanced in their application process are invited to participate in individual meetings: 15-minute discussions between a school representative and one or two candidates interested in the same subject area.
Prospective students attending these meetings should meet the following requirements: fluent English, holding a Bachelor’s degree, with up to 3 years of professional experience, and ready to apply to business school.


Interactive discussions take place at a round table with business school representatives and up to ten candidates. The open discussions are a great opportunity to learn more about specific Masters programmes. The workshops are 15-minutes long and focus on a particular subject area: Management (Business, Strategy, Organisation, HR, International Relations...), Finance (Finance, Accounting, Banking...), and/or Marketing (Marketing, Communications, Media, Digital Marketing...).
Participating candidates may attend workshops provided they satisfy the basic admissions criteria of the school, which generally include English language fluency, preference for the workshop’s subject area, and interest in the country of study and the format of the featured programme.

Open Fair Sessions

The open sessions take place at the end of the events and are 45-minutes long. This is the time when all school representatives are available for questions regarding their Masters programmes. If you would like to have a more informal discussion about Masters-related details, the open fair session is your opportunity to do so.

Counselling services

Along with the individual and group meetings with school representatives, throughout the event we also offer counselling services available to all participants. Candidates who need assistance in selecting their Masters programmes and subjects areas are welcome to speak individually about their project with our Access Masters Consultants.

Featured Schools

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