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Hult International Business School
USA, United Kingdom, UAE, China - European Masters

Global Rotation; Boston, San Francisco, London, Shanghai, Dubai, New York

Experience business first-hand and extend your global network in six of the world's major commercial centers. Students can start their Master at any one of our five campuses and then study for up to 12 weeks at two other of Hult's six global locations. Hult is unique in offering a seamless educational experience; you can expect the same curriculum, high-class facilities and supportive Student Services wherever you choose to rotate to. Find out more

Hands-on business education

Hult International Business School is dedicated to offering hands-on, practical business education that will equip students with the tools and skills they require for success in the global workplace. Tackle a real-life commercial challenge for a leading company or organization, as part of our six-week Action Project. Put business theory to the test with our case-study based methodology. Take advantage of Hult's pioneering iPad-integrated curriculum. You will graduate job-ready from day one. For more information visit:

Distinguished faculty

Hult's faculty members are experienced business practitioners with current or past experience working for major companies or founding their own business. The Hult faculty bring their experiences in the business world into the classroom to show how theory translates into practice. Our faculty members also have experience teaching at other major academic institutions. Check out our faculty at:

Global network

Study alongside classmates from over 140 countries, speaking 105 languages and with varied professional backgrounds. You will graduate with an incredibly diverse network of new business and professional contacts; vital in today's increasingly interconnected world. Learn more at:

Our Master Programs

Master of International Business

Hult's intensive Master of International Business gives students a strong understanding of how the world is interconnected through finance, marketing, operations, economics, and strategy. The MIB will offer you an immediate headstart to launch your career.

Master of Finance

Hult's Master of Finance program offers a relevant and rigorous education for professionals pursuing careers in corporate finance and international business.

Master of International Marketing

Designed in collaboration with leading marketing professionals, students will acquire a combined business-marketing skill set that prepares graduates for a wide array of exciting careers that go beyond functional marketing.

Master of Social Entrepreneurship

Hult's Master of Social Entrepreneurship is a highly practical program focused on how to apply business skills to important global social problems. Learn how to deploy innovative business solutions to large-scale social issues.

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School Info

Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, & Shanghai
Rotation Center:
New York

1st for Percentage Salary Increase (The Economist)
#34 in the U.S. (The Economist)
#59 in the world (The Economist)
Top 10 in all 5 international categories (Financial Times)
#61 in the world (Financial Times)

Program Info

Program title:
Master of International Business
Master of Finance
Master of International Marketing
Master of Social Entrepreneurship
Type of program: One-year Master program
Start date: September
Length of course: Full-time: 1 year
Application Deadlines:
Round 1 Deadline: Sunday, Oct 26, 2014
Round 2 Deadline: Sunday, Dec 7, 2014
Round 3 Deadline: Sunday, Feb 8, 2015
Round 4 Deadline: Sunday, March 15, 2015
Round 5 Deadline: Sunday, May 10, 2015

Student body

Average age: 24
Average work experience: 1 year
Number of nationalities: Over 140
Countries of origin:
- Western Europe 32%
- Eastern Europe 5%
- Latin America 14%
- Middle East & Africa 7%
- South Asia 10%
- North America 16%
- Asia-Pacific 16%

Pre-Master industry
- Professional Services 32%
- Financial Services 20%
- Consumer Products 10%
- High Tech/Telecom 8%
- Manufacturing 7%
- Government/Non-Profit 6%
- Education 6%
- Consulting 3%
- Healthcare/Pharmaceutical 3%
- Media/Entertainment 3%
- Energy/Petroleum 2%

Pre-Master function
- Marketing/Sales 29%
- Finance/Accounting 23%
- Administration 20%
- General Management 10%
- Consulting 7%
- Operations/Logistics 6%
- Information Technology 3%
- Human Resources 2%

Admission Requirements

- Bachelor degree or equivalent
- Completed application form
- Current Resume
- GMAT (Master of Finance only)
- 2 letters of recommendation
- Statement of purpose
- Official transcripts


Contact Us

Hult International Business School
Boston & San Francisco - London - Dubai - Shanghai - New York - São Paulo
To apply, please visit

The Americas
Boston: 1 Education Street
Cambridge, MA 02141, U.S.
Tel: +1 617 746 1990
San Francisco: 1355 Sansome Street
San Francisco, CA 94111, U.S.
Tel: +1 415 869 2900
Miami: 3390 Mary Street
Suite 250, Coconut Grove
Miami, FL 33133, U.S.
Tel: +1 305 648 9746

Asia Pacific
Shanghai: 4F, 666 Fuzhou Road
Jinling Haixin Building
Shanghai, China 200001
Tel: +852 2111 2399

London 37-38 John Street
London WC1N 2AT, U.K.
Tel: +44 207 341 8555
Lucerne: Haldenstrasse 4
Lucerne, 6006, Switzerland
Tel: +41 41 417 4575

Middle East, Africa, South Asia
Dubai: Internet City
P.O. Box 502988
Dubai, U.A.E.
Tel: +971 4 427 5800
To apply, please visit

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