Various Master’s Degrees by Subject

Masters Programmes in International Relations

In the modern world, the relationships between and among countries are complex, and there is an increasing role for people who have studied international affairs or international relations. ...

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STEM Master's programmes provide the opportunity for students to advance their knowledge and grow further as technologists/ scientists ...

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Marketing and Communication

Master's in Marketing and Communication prepare graduates to participate in strategic business expansion and branding by analyzing customers' behaviour and expectations ...

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Management and Organisation

Masters in Management and Organisation enable graduates to become strong players in strategic business decisions, providing them with key calculative and operational competences ...

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Finance and Accounting

Master's in Finance and Accounting are designed to give students the advanced knowledge, skills and practicaleducation necessary to focus on finance and accouting careers. ...

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Business and Strategy

A Masters in International Business is one of the most popular Masters programmes. These programmes were started in 2000 as an alternative to the MBA, and been on the rise since then. The motive behind starting this type of Masters is to teach various ...

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