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July 4th , 2014

Blogs are a great place for current or former Master’s students to shed light on the details of their postgraduatestudent life. Additionally, prospective students use blogs for authentic, honest and detailed opinionsabout particular schools and programmes, about student life, workload, etc. Here are the thoughts ofseveral current students and Master’s alumni, elaborating on their recent experiences.

EDHEC Cultivates My Business Mind

When I was looking at graduate programmes, I was impressed by EDHEC's well-designed course offerings and the school's excellent international ranking (4th in MSc Financial Markets, Financial Times 2013). Since coming to EDHEC, I have been very satisfied with my experience; the MIM course structure satisfies my strong desire to transition from an engineering background to a career in the world of finance. I chose EDHEC to cultivate and inspire my business mind – I have a background in engineering and for my future success I considered it absolutely crucial to have a business education. I also chose EDHEC because I wanted to have a more global mind-set; to see beyond China and Asia, and to start cultivating a global network of contacts. There is a real international atmosphere at EDHEC, with students from all over the world. Also, the school has many strong partnerships with global firms, which means that we often have the chance to meet with top-tier executives. For me, the EDHEC classroom is a really exciting place – I feel totally energised! I consider this time at EDHEC a precious opportunity to share my ideas and perspectives with other students. Although I spend much of my time studying and preparing for my courses, I have met some very interesting people, many of whom I now call friends. I feel like I found exactly what I was looking for! If anything, the school has surpassed my expectations – in terms of its academic reputation in France, and in terms of its expertise in the field of finance.

Shibo Wang, (written by Lynn Anderson Davy)
27th November, 2013


The Vlerick Business School Experience

I can still remember the start of our Vlerick Business School experience as if it was yesterday. Approximately fifty students, all of us wondering what the "business casual" dress code really stood for, gathered at 9 a.m. at the Ghent campus. The first chats with our new Athos classmates started during the morning and went on during a sunny lunch break. After the first class in the afternoon, our first day at Vlerick ended at 5.30 p.m. – correction: that's where it normally should have ended… Our group, MGM Athos, decided to meet at 9 p.m. at the AB Inbev lounge, because we wanted to "get to know each other in an informal way". Without going into detail, I can assure you we did. Credit must be given to Lore – our programme manager – for anticipating this, by having planned our first day off on Thursday (which a lot of us used to enjoy our first hangover of the year). The next three weeks consisted of introduction courses and, whereas most of my university friends were still returning from their exotic holidays, at Vlerick the first exams took place already. It gradually became clear that the "work hard" phase would surpass the "play hard" phase sooner than we expected.
The Vlerick experience was (and is) having a huge impact on every single one of us. During the first 2 months, Athos shared blood, sweat and tears together, trying to tackle the Deep Dive Challenge, group assignments, new exams and more group assignments. But in the end we are still alive and kicking! The reason for this is probably because of the fact that we also shared a 3-day seminar in Holland and a lot of fun, laughter, parties (and beers) together!

Jeroen Van de Sompele
29th November, 2013
Vlerick Business School


IE Was the Right Decision

Having come from a non-business related academic background, deciding to do my Master's in Management was not easy, and I admittedly found myself getting more anxious as the start date approached. Thankfully, all of these feelings went away when I got to the opening ceremony. Hearing the speeches and motivating words from various faculty members helped put me at ease, and I knew immediately it was just the beginning of a great year.
The first two weeks consisted of a start module where we participated in numerous workshops and courses. From entrepreneurship to learning to use Excel to teambuilding; it was a great opportunity for us to become familiar with our school, classmates and city. Now, deeper into the programme, classes include subjects like financial accounting, marketing, economics, and quantitative methods. While some concepts may take me longer to get than my classmates due to my academic background, I've found that everyone— whether administrator, professor, or especially, classmate—is more than willing to help out whenever you need it. This, for me, has made the programme far more enjoyable. With the term nearing its end and getting busier than ever, I'm excited to see what the rest of the programme holds in store. While I know it's not going to be easy, I find myself continually motivated by the school, the people around me, and of course, the exciting city I live in, Madrid. This reaffirms the fact that I made the right decision in choosing IE and I look forward to seeing how the rest of the programme unfolds!

3rd December, 2013
IE Business School ...

A Dissertation in the Making

What an exciting week it's been! Three of my best friends came to visit me and I had my dissertation topic revealed! The topic I will spend my summer researching is "The meaning of luxury and brands – A cross-cultural study of consumers' perceptions of luxury brands". I am very excited about it – this was the topic I wanted as I am really interested in the way brands position themselves in different countries and the various attributes people from different cultures perceive to be important in a brand. Hopefully being interested in the topic will help me stay focused, as I have never had to concentrate on something as specific for such a long period of time (it is due in September). I am optimistic about it and plan not only to work very hard but also enjoy the process of creating something from scratch. The only thing left before I start working on it is meeting my supervisor, which is scheduled to happen in the next few weeks. I think I will be as nervous for that meeting as I would be for a first date, because making a good impression is very important, given that my supervisor will be the person guiding me through the whole dissertation process. First will be the research and literature review, followed by primary data collection and then analysis and writing the whole thing down. Since I have never before produced anything as detailed or as big as a dissertation, I think I will need that guidance. The primary data collection is the part I am most worried about. If you stay in Manchester over the summer, it is highly likely that you will meet me somewhere on Oxford Road handing out surveys for it come July
(just kidding…hopefully).

Katerina Popova
12th February, 2014
Manchester Business School ...

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